Sales conditions

Information on the security of online transactions by credit card
Online credit card payments are made using the virtual POS of Cariparma/Crédit Agricole.
The online payment system uses the TLS standard which is currently the highest security standard available.
The page in which you enter your credit card information is handled entirely by Cariparma/Crédit Agricole and therefore your credit card number is sent and used solely and exclusively by the Bank for the completion of payment.
Your credit card number is not sent to EV Soc. cons. a r.l., nor it is stored in any way.

Internet Sales
Internet sales fall under the Mail-order Purchasing Legislation which protects consumers' rights and guarantees the withdrawal right for all purchases (Legislative Decree N. 185 of 1999).

Withdrawal right
In accordance to Art. 5 Legislative Decree 185/1999 relate to distance purchasing, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason with no explanation necessary, provided the following conditions are met: to exercise this right the customer must contact EV Soc. cons. a r.l. by phone or letter and the goods must then be returned by the customer, at his own expense, within 10 days from the date of delivery of the goods. E.V. Soc. cons. a r.l. will refund by bank tranfer the full amount paid for the purchase of the goods within 15 days of receipt of the returned undamaged goods or will replace the goods as agreed.