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Veterinary arthroscopy for the small animal practitioner
Veterinary arthroscopy for the small animal practitioner
1° ed., 311 pagg., 1000 ill., John Wiley & Sons, maggio 2021
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Veterinary Arthroscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner delivers a practical guide to all aspects of veterinary arthroscopy for small mammals. The book covers the anatomy, techniques, joint pathology, and operative procedures of arthroscopy.
The book includes a foundational introduction to basic tenets for veterinarians just beginning to use arthroscopy in their work as well as reference images for joint pathology useful to experienced practitioners. Nearly 1000 images are included in the reference, each of which illustrate one or more aspects of specific arthroscopic findings.
Veterinary Arthroscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner draws on the author's 35 years of clinical arthroscopic experience and offers a thorough examination of small animal arthroscopy. The book serves as a powerful demonstration of the centrality, practicality, utility, and necessity of arthroscopic veterinary procedures. Readers will also benefit from topics like:
  • A comprehensive introduction to, and discussion of, instrumentation, including arthroscopes, sheaths and cannulas, hand instruments, power equipment, video systems, and fluid management systems
  • An exploration of general technique, including anesthesia, patient support, pain management, and postoperative care
  • Multiple chapters cover the six most commonly examined joints, including shoulders, elbows, radiocarpal joints, hips, stifles, and the tibiotarsal joints
  • Treatment of common conditions diagnosed with arthroscopy
  • Discussion of common problems and complications seen with arthroscopy in small animal practice
Ideal for veterinary orthopedic surgeons and general veterinary practitioners, Veterinary Arthroscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner also belongs on the bookshelves of veterinary surgery residents and veterinary students seeking to improve their understanding of small animal arthroscopic surgery, pathology, anatomy, and techniques.

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Chapter 1:   Introduction and Instrumentation
Chapter 2: General Technique
Chapter 3: Shoulder Joint
Chapter 4:   Elbow Joint
Chapter 5: Radiocarpal Joint
Chapter 6:   Hip Joint
Chapter 7:   Stifle Joint
Chapter 8:   Tibiotarsal Joint
Chapter 9:   Problems and Complications   

Timothy C. McCarthy, DVM, PhD
Diplomate Emeritus, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Small Animal Orthopedics and Small Animal Soft Tissue) is an Educator at Veterinary Minimally Invasive Surgery Training (Vet MIST) in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 

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