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High-quality, high-volume spay and neuter and other shelter surgeries
High-quality, high-volume spay and neuter and other shelter surgeries
1° ed., 656 pagg., 200 ill., John Wiley & Sons, luglio 2020
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This comprehensive reference provides veterinarians with everything they need to know about performing surgeries such as spaying and neutering in busy animal shelters. It includes surgical and anesthetic techniques, perioperative procedures, reproductive medicine, and program management regarding dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small mammals. 
With more than 550 full-color images, High-Quality, High-Volume Spay and Neuter and Other Shelter Surgeries provides spay-neuter and shelter veterinarians with information on the most current clinical techniques. Dozens of veterinary experts offer their expert advice and knowledge on perioperative care, surgery instrumentation, infectious disease control, anesthesia protocols, CPR, the fundamentals of HQHVSN, and more. 
  • Covers all aspects of common shelter surgeries, including surgical and anesthetic techniques, perioperative procedures, reproductive medicine, and program management
  • Provides coverage of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small mammals
  • Written by leaders in the field with experience in surgery, medicine, spay-neuter practice, teaching, and research 
High-Quality, High-Volume Spay and Neuter and Other Shelter Surgeries is an excellent resource for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students, as well as clinic and shelter owners.

List of Contributors ix
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xv
Part One Clinical Techniques and Patient Care 1
Section One Peri-operative Care Associated with Spay and Neuter 3
1 Determination of Patient Sex and Spay–Neuter Status 5
Brenda Griffin
2 Disorders of Sexual Development and Common Reproductive Pathologies 27
Brenda Griffin, Sara White, and Margaret V. Root Kustritz
3 Instrumentation for Spay–Neuter 53
Amber Burton and Sara White
4 Asepsis 65
Brian A. DiGangi
5 Infectious Disease Control in Spay–Neuter Facilities 89
Sara White and Natalie Isaza
6 Strategies to Reduce Stress and Enhance Patient Comfort during the Spay–Neuter Process 103
Brenda Griffin
Section Two Anesthesia for Spay–Neuter Surgery 125
7 Principles of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Safety, and Monitoring 127
Sheilah Robertson
8 Anesthetic Protocols for Dogs and Cats 153
Sheilah Robertson
9 Special Considerations for Anesthesia of Pediatric Patients 193
Emily McCobb and Sheilah Robertson
10 Anesthetic Complications 209
Emily McCobb
11 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Shelter Animal Practice 227
Luisito S. Pablo
Section Three Surgical Techniques for Spaying and Neutering 239
12 Dog Spay/Cat Spay 241
Philip Bushby and Sara White
13 Cesarean Section 267
Sheilah Robertson and Sara White
14 Dog Neuter/Cat Neuter 281
Philip Bushby and Sara White
15 Neutering Procedures and Considerations in Rabbits and Other Small Mammals 295
Natalie Isaza and Ramiro Isaza
16 Tattoo and Ear-Tipping Techniques for Identification of Surgically Sterilized Dogs and Cats 325
Brenda Griffin, Mark W. Bohling, and Karla Brestle
17 Complications in Spay and Neuter Surgery 339
Mark W. Bohling
18 Ovarian Remnant Syndrome 363
G. Robert Weedon and Margaret V. Root Kustritz
Section Four Other Surgical Procedures 371
Introduction to Other Surgical Procedures 373
Philip Bushby
19 Amputation 375
Joseph P. Weigel
19A Amputation: Anesthesia Supplement 387
Lydia Love
20 Surgery of the Eye 395
Susan Nelms
20A Surgery of the Eye: Anesthesia Supplement 411
Lydia Love
21 Rectal and Vaginal Fold Prolapse 415
Kimberly Woodruff
21A Rectal and Vaginal Fold Prolapse: Anesthesia Supplement 423
Lydia Love
22 Dental Extractions in a Shelter Environment 425
Diana L. Eubanks and Lydia Love
Part Two Fundamentals of HQHVSN 437
23 Fundamentals of HQHVSN 439
Sara White
Section Five Spay–Neuter Population Medicine 453
24 Sterilization Programs and Population Control 455
Margaret Slater and Emily Weiss
25 Community Cats 477
Stephanie Janeczko
26 Influence of Spay–Neuter Timing on Health 509
G. Robert Weedon, Margaret V. Root Kustritz, and Philip Bushby
27 Non-surgical Contraception: The State of the Field 521
Jessica Hekman
Section Six Human Resources and Management 529
28 Starting with Why: Know Your Purpose and Name Your Bottom Lines 531
BJ Rogers
29 Hiring for Impact, Hiring for Culture 537
BJ Rogers
30 Recruiting and Hiring HQHVSN Surgeons 545
James Weedon
31 Health Considerations for the HQHVSN Surgeon 553
Sara White
Section Seven Clinic Models 575
32 Stationary Clinics 577
Karla Brestle
33 Profile of the Mobile Spay–Neuter Clinic 589
Kathleen V. Makolinski
34 MASH Clinics 601
Sara White
35 Feral and Free-Roaming Cat Clinics 615
Christine Wilford
36 In-Clinic Clinics 627
Ruth Steinberger
Index 633

Sara White, DVM, MSc, is Founder and Executive Director of Spay ASAP Inc. and ergovet in Hartland, Vermont, USA.

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