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BSAVA Manual of reptiles
BSAVA Manual of reptiles
3° ed., 512 pagg., 2500 ill., BSAVA Publications, aprile 2019
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Fully updated and expanded to keep pace with the developments in this area of small animal practice, this new edition covers all aspects of treating reptile patients, including diagnosis, surgical techniques and euthanasia. New content includes a consideration of welfare in the reptile pet trade, and chapters on crocodilians and sea turtles
  • Part one covers the husbandry aspects of reptile care, including captive maintenance and nutrition, plus a new chapter dedicated to anatomy and physiology.
  • Part two contains all the details necessary to carry out successful clinical examination, anaesthesia, surgery (including endoscopy), treatment (including emergency and critical care), non-invasive imaging, laboratory testing and post-mortem examinations, as well as humane euthanasia.
  • Part three addresses disease by organ system, covering parasitology and infectious disease.

Anatomy and physiology; Reptile pet trade and welfare; Captive maintenance; Nutrition; Breeding and neonatal care; Clinical examination; Emergency care; Diagnostic sampling and laboratory tests; Non-invasive imaging; Diagnostic and surgical endoscopy; Therapeutics and medication; Anaesthesia and analgesia; Surgery: principles and techniques; Euthanasia and post-mortem examination; Dermatology; The reptile eye; Gastrointestinal system; Respiratory system; Cardiovascular and haemopoietic systems; Urogenital system; Neurology; Nutritional problems; Neoplasia; Parasitology; Infectious diseases; Crocodilians; Sea turtles.

Simon J. Girling
BVMS(Hons) DZooMed DipECZM(Zoo Health Management) CBiol FRSB EurProBiol FRCVS
The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Edinburgh - UK
Paul Raiti
DVM DipABVP(Reptile & Amphibian Practice)
Beverlie Animal Hospital
Mount Vernon - USA

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ISBN: 9781905319794
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