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McCurnin's Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians
McCurnin's Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians
9° ed., 1363 pagg., 800 ill., Elsevier, gennaio 2018
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Immerse yourself in every aspect of the veterinary technology field with McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, 9th Edition, covering small and large animals, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. With a new zoonoses theme threaded throughout each chapter, this comprehensive text describes how each disease affects the host, how it is spread, and how it is treated. Case presentations provide you with relevant, real-life scenarios so you can practice your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
Key Features
  • Introduction to the concept of the Technician Practice Model ensures that excellent nursing care is provided to each patient.
  • Content on fluid therapy and transfusion medicine keeps you current and prepared for success in practice.
  • Thorough coverage of electrocardiography included in the Emergency Nursing chapter to teach you how to interpret, and how to examine and differentiate, normal from abnormal and dangerous from non-dangerous.
  • Case presentations provide you with real-life scenarios so you can practice your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Large animal care is integrated throughout the book with medical records, dentistry, physical examination, surgical instrumentation, surgical assistance, emergency care, and euthanasia, in addition to the individual Large Animal Medical Nsing chapter, to prepare you to care for large animals.
  • A chapter dedicated to birds, reptiles, and small mammals keeps you up-to-date with care and treatment for these increasingly popular pets.
  • Comprehensive chapters on pharmacology, pain management, restraint, and veterinary oncology offer a broader understanding of the responsibilities of a technician.
  • Vet Tech Threads design emphasizes important study points and ensures you understand the content introduced to you.
  • Step-by-step instructions and photographs show you how to perform dozens of procedures, and make information readily accessible in emergency and clinical situations.
  • Evolve site with TEACH instructor resources, an image collection, and a test bank accompanies the text, and provides instructors with everything they need to successfully teach each chapter and evaluate students' progress.

Part One: Veterinary Technology: An Overview
1. Introduction to Veterinary Technology: Its Laws and Ethics
  Joanna M. Bassert, Teresa Lazo and Monica M. Tighe
2. Veterinary Practice Management
  Karen E. Felsted
3. Veterinary Medical Records
  Joanna M. Bassert
4. Occupational Health and Safety in Veterinary Hospitals
  Philip J. Seibert Jr.
Part Two: Patient Management and Nutrition
5. Animal Behavior
  Valarie V. Tynes
6. Restraint and Handling of Animals
  Barbara Dugan, Darren Remsburg, Karen Todd-Jenkins and Chris Montgomery
7. History and Physical Examination
  Mark Rondeau and George W. McCommon
8. Preventive Health Programs
  George W. McCommon and Anna Ellis
9. Companion Animal Nutrition
  Craig A. Datz and Allison Wara
10. Large Animal Nutrition
  Tanja M. Hess and Shawn L. Archibeque
11. Animal Reproduction
  Lenore Southam
Part Three: Clinical Sciences
12. Hematology, Cytology
  Maxey L. Wellman and M. Judith Radin
13. Clinical Chemistry, Serology and Urinalysis
  Maxey L. Wellman and M. Judith Radin
14. Parasitology
  Oreta Marie Samples and Charles M. Hendrix
15. Clinical Microbiology
  Sara D. Lawhon
16. Diagnostic Imaging
  Rachel McGinty
17. Basic Necropsy Procedures
  Michele D. Coarsey and Moges Woldemeskel
Part Four: Medical Nursing
18. Diagnostic Sampling and Treatment Techniques
  Oreta Marie Samples
19. Small Animal Medical Nursing
  David Liss
20. Large Animal Medical Nursing
  Amy Bentz and Laura H. Javsicas
21. Veterinary Oncology
  Beth Overley Adamson and Samantha Fritz Waibel
22. Neonatal Care of Puppy, Kitten, and Foal
  Amy Bentz and Margret L. Casal
23. Care of Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals
  Lorelei Tibbetts
24. Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Alternative Medical Nursing
  Carolina Medina
Part Five: Emergency and Critical Care
25. Fluid Therapy and Transfusion Medicine
  Edward Cooper, Margaret Mudge, Courtney Beiter and Olivia M. Holt Williams
26. Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  Andrew J. Niehaus, Ann M. Peruski, Jarred Williams, Michelle E. Goodnight and Darcy Brittain Adin
27. Toxicology
  Tina Wismer and MaryEllen Malysiak
28. Wound Management and Bandaging
  Bianca F. Hettlich, Jarred Williams, Andrew J. Niehaus and Harry James Markwell
Part Six: Anesthesia, Analgesia and Pharmacology
29. Pharmacology and Pharmacy
  Angela Beal and Katrina R. Viviano
30. Pain Management
  Nancy Shaffran and Tamara Grubb
31. Veterinary Anesthesia
  John A. Thomas
Part Seven: Surgical Nursing
32. Surgical instruments and Aseptic Technique
  George W. McCommon and Anna Ellis
33. Surgical Assistance and Suture Material
  Nanette Walker Smith
34. Small Animal Surgical Nursing
  Loretta J. Bubenik-Angapen
35. Large Animal Surgical Nursing
  Colin F. Mitchell
36. Veterinary Dentistry
  Bonnie Miller and John R. Lewis
Part Eight: End of Life
37. Geriatric and Hospice Care: Supporting the Aged and Dying Patient
  Amy Bentz and Karen Todd-Jenkins
38. The Human Animal Bond and Euthanasia
  Oreta Marie Samples

Joanna Bassert, Professor and Director, Program of Veterinary Technology, Manor College, Jenkintown, PA

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