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Practical veterinary dental radiography
Practical veterinary dental radiography
1° ed., 368 pagg., 1000 ill., CRC Press, dicembre 2017
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With over 1,000 clear, high-quality images, this in-depth full guide covers all aspects of veterinary dental radiography. Chapters explain the indications for – and importance of – this key area of veterinary practice, the equipment used, the essential techniques in developing and processing the radiograph, common errors made, and the pathology of the teeth. The book also explores radiographic interpretation in seven detailed sections, discussing all aspects from normal radiographic anatomy to endodontic disease and trauma. An additional chapter covers techniques and interpretation with exotics in three sections: rabbits, ferrets and rodents. The book concludes with a look at future directions in this field.
Essential reading for all veterinary practitioners, this book is also the ideal guide for trainees.

Chapter 1: Marketing Dental Radiography - Brook Niemiec
Chapter 2: The Importance of and Indications for Dental Radiology -Brook Niemiec
Chapter 3: Dental Radiography Equipment - Brook Niemiec
Chapter 4: Dental Radiographic Positioning - Brook Niemiec
Chapter 5: Scull and dental radiography with the use of medical x-ray and techniques- Jerzy Gawor
Chapter 6: Developing / Processing Dental Radiographs - Brook Niemiec
Chapter 7: Common Errors of Dental Radiology Projection - Brook Niemiec
Chapter 8: Dental Radiograph Interpretation:
a. General radiography determining age, size and character of the teeth imaged - Jerzy Gawor
b. Normal Radiographic Anatomy - Brook Niemiec
c. Periodontal Radiography - Jerzy Gawor
d. Radiographic interpretation for Endodontic disease - Brook Niemiec
e. Tooth hard tissue diseases - Jerzy Gawor
f. Trauma - Jerzy Gawor
g. Proliferative Lesions - Jerzy Gawor
Chapter 9: Nasal cavity pathologies related to oral problems - Jerzy Gawor
Chapter 10: Radiography of the temporomandibular joint and mandibular symphysis - Jerzy Gawor
Chapter 11: Exotic techniques and interpretation
a. Rabbits - Vladimir Jekl
b. Ferrets - Vladimir Jekl
c. Skull and dental radiography in pet rodents - Vladimir Jekl
Chapter 12: Advanced and Future Options for Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging - Brook Niemiec

Brook A. Niemiec, DVM, DipAVDC, DipEVDC, FAVD, USA
Jerzy Gawor, DVM, PhD DipAVDC, DipEVDC, FAVD, Poland
Vladimír Jekl, MVDr, PhD, DipECZM (Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery), Czech Republic

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