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Anatomy of the Horse
Anatomy of the Horse
6° ed., 199 pagg., 300 ill., Schlutersche, giugno 2011
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The sixth edition of this highly successful book contains updates to functional anatomy which has now been totally revised. There are also new chapters on the eye, abdomen, female reproduction, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is superbly illustrated throughout with colour drawings, photographs, and radiographs providing the reader with detailed information on the structure, function, and clinical application of all equine body systems and their interaction in the live animal.

Already acknowledged by students and teachers as an essential resource for learning and revision, the sixth edition is a valuable reference for veterinary practitioners and for those who own and work with horses.

1.Thoracic Limb
2.Pelvic Limb
4.The Central Nervous System
5.Axial Skeleton and Neck
6.Thoracic Cavity
7.Abdominal Wall and Cavity
8.Pelvis, Inguinal Region, and Urogenital Organs
9.Selected Body Systems in Tabular Form
10.Contributions to the Clinical and Functional Anatomy of the Horse

Klaus Dieter Budras, DVM PhD, University of Berlin, Germany
W. O. Sack, DVM PhD, Cornell University, USA
Sabine Rock, Medical Illustrator, University of Berlin, Germany
Aaron Horowitz, School of Veterinary Medicine, Ross University, St. Kitts, West Indies
Rolf Berg, School of Veterinary Medicine, Ross University, St. Kitts, West Indies

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ISBN: 9783899936667
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Disciplina: Anatomia
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