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Equine pediatric medicine
Equine pediatric medicine
1° ed., 352 pagg., 550 ill., Manson Publishing, novembre 2012
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The authors' purpose is to provide the clinician with guidance towards a presumptive diagnosis, to consider the relevant pathophysiology and differential diagnoses, leading to a confirmed diagnosis, and a plan for the therapeutic course to be taken. The organisation of the book is system based. The first chapter describes the physical examination of the foal - the basis for all diagnosis. The second chapter deals with cardiovascular shock, a frequent emergency in the equine pediatric patient, subsequent resuscitation, and fluid and electrolyte therapy. Chapters then discuss the diseases and disorders affecting each body system in turn. Throughout the book the authors refer to the latest imaging and diagnostic testing techniques, in support of the physical examination, and focus on the relevance to daily equine practice. The text is illustrated throughout by a wealth of top-quality clinical photographs , imaging and tables. 'Equine Pediatric Medicine' is of particular value to equine practitioners as a ready reference, and to veterinary students and technicians as a complete guide to equine pediatric disease.


1 Physical examination

2 Cardiovascular shock, resuscitation, and fluid and electrolyte therapy

3 Infectious diseases

4 Immunologic and Hematologic disorders

5 Alimentary tract disorders

6 Liver disorders

7 Cardiovascular disorders

8 Respiratory disorders

9 Urinary and umbilical disorders

10 Neurologic disorders

11 Muscle and the neuromuscular junction disorders

12 Joint and skeletal disorders

13 Ophthalmologic disorders

14 Dermatologic disorders

15 Endocrine and metabolic disorders

16 Neoplasia

17 Pharmacology


William Bernard, DVM, Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky


Bonnie S. Barr, VMD DipACVIM, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky, USA



Kevin Corley, Claire Latimer, Johanna M. Reimer, Troy N. Trumble, Mary E. Utter

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