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Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management
Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management
3° ed., 378 pagg., 100 ill., CABI Publishing, gennaio 2008
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This third edition of the highly successful textbook is updated throughout and printed in two colours in a new larger format. Coverage includes the reproductive anatomy, endocrine control and selection for breeding of both the mare and stallion, and also pregnancy, parturition and lactation in the mare. This comprehensive text goes on to study how this knowledge can be applied to the successful breeding of horses, maximizing both productivity and animal welfare. It has also been expanded to include more recent experimental work and updated references, including a brand new chapter on the significant developments in embryo technology. This widely popular textbook is an essential addition to the collections of both students in equine science and practising veterinarians. "Extensively illustrated with over 240 diagrams and photographs". "New larger format printed in two colours throughout". "New coverage of developments in embryo technology".

Updated references Readership: HND, degree and post graduate courses in Equine science/studies; veterinary science students, stud managers/practitioners.

Quotes about the prev. editions: "This book is a proven success as a textbook for degree and diploma courses in equine studies. It also has proved to be a useful supplementary text for veterinary students, as well as valuable for veterinary practitioners and stud managers" - Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

"A very useful book for veterinary students, veterinarians, reproductive physiologists and farm managers" - Animal Welfare

"The book is packed with practical information that is well organised and is presented in a readily available format" - G. W. C. England

"This book is ideal for its targeted readers and for anyone wanting to know and understand the why and how of running a horse or pony breeding enterprise. An excellent handy reference for the practise shelf" - D. M. Carson, The Veterinary Record

"This book is for the breeder or hairy ponies and for the student of equine science alike" - M. E. Mcgillivary, The Ark

"…this textbook will be useful for both horse owners and veterinarians" - R. M. Löfstedt, Canadian Veterinary Journal

  1. The Reproductive Anatomy of the Mare
  2. The Reproductive anatomy of the Stallion
  3. Control of Reproduction in the Mare
  4. Control of Reproduction in the Stallion
  5. The Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy in the Mare
  6. Endocrine Control of Pregnancy in the Mare
  7. The Physical Process of Parturition
  8. The Endocrine Control of Parturition
  9. The Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation
  10. Control of Lactation in the Mare
  11. Selection of the Mare and Stallion for Breeding
  12. Preparation of Mare and Stallion for Covering
  13. Mating Management
  14. Management of the Pregnant Mare
  15. Management of the Mare at Parturition
  16. Management of the Lactating Mare and Young Foal
  17. Weaning and Management of Young Stock
  18. Stallion Management
  19. Infertility
  20. Artificial Insemination
  21. Embryo Transfer in the Mare



Mina C.G. Davies Morel

Institute of Rural Studies

University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

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