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Horse business management. Managing a successful yard
Horse business management. Managing a successful yard
4° ed., 275 pagg., 10 ill., John Wiley & Sons, maggio 2010
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Horse Business Management will equip you with the knowledge to run a profitable horse business. Down-to-earth and highly readable, this book demonstrates how to apply modern business theory to create success. Essentially, it will enable you to develop your vision of excellence and the specialist skills needed to make that vision a reality. Sections include:
  • Understanding the market
  • Considering available assets
  • Developing effective marketing strategies
  • Developing effective practices in daily yard management
  • Providing a safe and rewarding environment for all involved
  • Recognising and providing a high quality experience for the customer
  • Providing a solid financial return
Jeremy Houghton Brown and Marcus Clinton offer you their expert advice on modern equine business techniques, sharing their wealth of practical experience, and their thorough understanding of the horse industry.
Extensively revised for its fourth edition, Horse Business Management is applicable to every type of stable yard and horse business. It is equally suited for both current and prospective horse business owners and managers, and should be in the hands of every college equine student

Section 1: Setting the right course
1 A Successful Horse Business
Introduction – The Ingredients of Success
Defining Success
Safety and Legality
Equine Standards
Vision and Leadership
Entrepreneurial Flair
Human Resources
Common Characteristics and Trends of Horse Businesses
The Business Environment
Challenges of a Horse Business
2 The Customer in the Market Place
What do We mean by Market?
Stakeholders in the Business
Customer Care
3 Quality
Introduction to Quality
So what is Quality?
The Management of Quality
Section 2 – Staying on Course
4 Health and Safety
Accidents and Blame
Developing a Health and Safety Culture
Health and Safety Management
5 Legality and Insurance
The Law of Contract
Express Warranties and Conditions
Contracts of Employment
The Law of Tort
6 Finance and Profit
Raising Money
Performance Management
Financial Risk Management
7 Marketing and Mission
Market Research
Mission Statement
Marketing Strategies
8 Context and Contest
The British Horse Industry
Training, Education and Careers
Section 3: Delivering Results
Section 3: Delivering Results
9 Yard and Enterprise Management
Premises Considerations
Daily Duties
Labour-saving Devices
Grassland Management
10 Staff and Office Management
Job and Person Specifications
Employment and Employing Staff
Management Style
Remuneration and Benefits
Staff Training
Office Routines
11 Managing Shows and Events
The Nature of Shows and Events
The Principles of Running a Good Show
Looking Back
12 The Eye of the Master
Looking Back
Looking Around
Looking Forward
Looking Diligently
Appendix 1 Facts, Figures and Organisations
Overview of Organisations within the British Horse Industry
Useful Facts about the British Horse Industry
Useful Figures about the British Horse Industry
Appendix 2 Guidance on promoting Safe Working Conditions
General Advice for all Horse Establishments
Additional Specific Guidance for Horse Riding Establishments
Additional Specific Guidance for Studs and Horse Breeding Establishments
Additional Specific Guidance for Racehorse Training Establishments
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
Risk Assessment
Appendix 3 Career Training for Work in the Horse Industry
Career Preparation
College qualifications
NVQs, Traineeships and Apprenticeships
BHS Professional Qualifications
Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and National Pony Society (NPS)
United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC)
Other Professional and Technical Qualifications
Portfolios and CVs
Appendix 4 National Vocational Qualifications (Including Teaching Level 3 Management and Supervisory Skills)
Introduction to Vocational Qualifications (S/NVQs)
NVQ Level 1
NVQ Level 2
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 4
NVQ Structure within each Level
NVQ Methods of Assessment
NVQ Level 3 – Management and Supervisory Units

Jeremy Houghton Brown is a lifelong horseman who has managed a variety of different yards and equine businesses. He was manager of the British National Equestrian Centre and the British Racing School, then head of Equine Studies at Warwickshire College. Jeremy has been awarded the Fellowship of the UK’s Royal Agricultural Societies in recognition of his contribution to the horse industry.
Marcus Clinton is an experienced practical horseman, yard manager, business manager and show and event organiser. He was until recently the head of Land-Based studies at South Staffordshire College, and is now Assistant Principal of Land Based industries at Northumberland College.  He is also Chairman of the British Horse Society for Staffordshire.  Marcus brings to this fourth edition a rigorous updating of business techniques and new sections on customer care, marketing, safety and quality.

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