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Introduction to horse nutrition
Introduction to horse nutrition
1° ed., 240 pagg., 20 ill., John Wiley & Sons, ottobre 2009
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If you are studying horse nutrition at an introductory level, then this is the ideal book for you. It covers the current syllabuses set out by equine science and management courses, and is particularly suitable for those who lack background knowledge in science. 

Nutrition has long been recognised as a vital part of horse care. It is important for optimal horse health, reproduction, sustained performance and general well being.  This book is invaluable for horse owners, trainers and breeders.


  • Student friendly, with key summary points at the end of each chapter and lots of helpful tables and images.
  • Covers the fundamentals of horse nutrition including daily nutrient requirements (using the latest National Research Council data).
  • Information on nutraceuticals and the nutritional management of health-related problems, such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Laminitis and PPID (Cushing’s syndrome).

A Reader’s Perspective.


1 The Horse as a Herbivore.

2 Structure and Function of the Equine Digestive System.

3 Food and Biological Molecules.

4 Vitamins.

5 Minerals.

6 Energy – Fuel for Life.

7 Forage for Horses.

8 Feedstuffs.

9 Feed Supplements, Additives and Nutraceuticals.

10 Formulating a Ration.

11 Feeding Different Types of Horses.

12 Diet Related Problems.

Appendix 1 Nutritional Requirements Tables.

Appendix 2 Nutrient Composition of Feedstuffs.

Appendix 3 Modern Rules of Feeding.

Appendix 4 Conversion Factors.

Further Reading.




Zoe Davies is a consultant equine nutritionist, a former lecturer in equine science, an author, columnist, and external examiner for higher education courses. She is one of the few registered Equine Nutritionists in the UK, and has substantial experience in equine management.

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