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Natural methods for equine health and performance
Natural methods for equine health and performance
2° ed., 235 pagg., 50 ill., John Wiley & Sons, marzo 2009
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Natural Methods for Equine Health and Performance, Second Edition, presents a concise overview of a natural approach to horse care and management for the 21st century.

Mary Bromiley has an excellent reputation for achieving results using natural methods for muscle re-education. This book will be useful to anyone who owns or routinely works with horses.

  • Provides advice on natural horsemanship, contrasting the natural and domestic habitats.
  • Covers a range of holistic methods of treatment, including acupuncture, massage, herbalism and homeopathy.
  • Discusses developmental interaction between a horse and humans.
  • Contains expanded coverage of physical development and nutritional requirements.
  • Includes clear explanations of how and why schooling exercises used by the Classical
    School improve a horse’s flexibility and performance.

Part I The Horse

1 What is Natural Horsemanship.

2 Understanding the Horse.

3 Reading Your Horse.

4 Diet.

5 Feeding.

Part II Therapies

1 Homoeopathy.

2 Bach Flower Remedies.

3 Past Age Remedies.

4 Health Maintenance and Healing.

5 Acupuncture and Acupressure.

6 Massage.

Part III Training/ building the horse

1 Terminology Associated with Muscle Activity.

2 Anatomical Consideration.

3 Appendicular Skeleton, the Levers.

4 Training.

Part IV Exercise Analysis.

1 The Classical Training approach.

2 Surface Anatomy.

3 Specific Exercises.

Part V Overview of Training

1 Training.

2 Faulty Movement.

3 General Considerations for the Rider.

Part VI

1 Progressive Muscle Loading I: Gymnastic Apparatus.

2 Training Aids Explained.

3 Progressive Muscle Loading II: The Addition of Skills.

General Summary. The fundamentals of Natural Training and Husbandry.

Appendix I Programme Design.

Appendix II Athletic Horse versus Athletic Man.

Appendix III Natural Health Maintenance in the New Age Horse.

Glossary.General Bibliography. Useful Addresses. Index

Mary Bromiley is a Chartered and Veterinary Physiotherapist. In 1984 she founded, with her daughters Penny and Rabbit Slattery, the Downs House Equine Rehabilitation Centre, a world first for the treatment and rehabilitation of both horse and rider. She has written six books, and has been published internationally in six languages. She lectures worldwide and for 18 years travelled as therapist to the medal winning New Zealand 3 day event team

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