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Ophthalmology for the veterinary practitioner
Ophthalmology for the veterinary practitioner
2° ed., 240 pagg., 321 ill., Schlutersche, marzo 2007
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Concise short description - key words: The standard work for ophthalmology in veterinary practise - now completely revised and extended. This book provides especially general veterinary practitioners and students with a concrete guide to diagnosis and therapy of all important eye diseases in small animals. It also gives practical tips for determining a diagnosis without highly specialised instruments. At the same time, it helps to answer two important questions: When should an eye patient be referred to a specialist? Which preparations are necessary for doing this?
In this second English edition, the present day developments in ophthalmological diagnostics and therapy have been comprehensively supplemented throughout the book. Features specific to veterinary medicine are discussed comparatively with respect to pet animals, horses, birds and farm animals. A special chapter dedicated to ophthalmological emergencies enables quick and assured actions to be undertaken in emergency situations.

Origin of Plates and Figures.
1 Introduction.
2 Clinical and Differential Diagnostic Procedures.
3 Diagnostics and Therapeutic for Eye Diseases.
4 Ocular Emergencies.
5 Orbital and Periorbital Structures.
6 Lacrimal Apparatus.
7 Eyelids.
8 Conjunctiva and Nictitating Membrane.
9 Globe.
10 Cornea and Sclera.
11 Intraocular Pressure and Glaucoma.
12 Uvea.
13 Lens and Vitreous.
14 Fundus and Optic Nerve.
15 Breed Predisposition and Hereditary Eye Diseases.
Glossary of Terms Relating to the Eye.

All the authors have had many years of experience in teaching and practice. They belong to the most renowned ophthalmologists in Europe and the USA. Prof. Dr. Frans C. Stades, Utrecht. Dr. Willy Neumann, specialised ophthalmologist in general practise. Prof. Dr. Michael Boevé, Utrecht and Hanover. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spiess, Zurich. Prof. Dr. Milton Wyman, Columbus, Ohio.

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