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Atlas of feline surgical techniques
Atlas of feline surgical techniques
1° ed., 352 pagg., 600 ill., Edra, settembre 2023
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When we planned this work we intended it to be a practical book, useful for both students and surgeons who need to delve more deeply into the feline speciality. It was never our aim to produce an extensive and in-depth treatise on surgery; we do not consider ourselves qualified, nor would our daily occupations have allowed us to do so. Rather, we preferred to cover interventions for exclusively feline conditions or, at least, the most common ones encountered in our hospitals and clinics.
We have tried to give the book a very practical approach. Everything you will read are procedures that we perform in our routine work. The photos and videos are also original (or borrowed from colleagues who are specialists in their field). We preferred a more limited work, but one that could give you an idea of the problems you may encounter in each procedure and how to solve them if you want to dedicate yourself to feline surgery.

1. The feline surgical patient
2. Feline sedation, anesthesia and analgesia
3. Postoperative care in feline medicine
4. Suture types and techniques
5. Surgical materials
6. Diagnostic imaging
7. Biopsy techniques and most common uses in feline medicine
8. Wound management
9. Most common flaps and plasties in feline surgery
10. Most common skin tumors in the cat
11. Mammary surgery
12. Feline injection-site sarcoma
13. Reconstructive surgery of the hard and soft palate
14. Feline dental extractions
15. Nasal planum and nasal cavity surgery
16. Nasopharyngeal polyps and stenosis
17. Eyelid and orbital surgery
18. Ear canal and middle ear surgery
19. Thyroid and parathyroid surgery
20. Feline abdominal cavity hernias
21. Gastric foreign bodies and tumors
22. Intestinal foreign bodies and tumors
23. Perianal surgery
24. Splenectomy
25. Kidney and ureter surgery
26. Bladder surgery
27. Urethrostomy
28. Orchiectomy and cryptorchidism
29. Ovariohysterectomy, pyometra and caesarean section
30. Assessment and initial management of polytraumatized cats
31. Common fractures of the forelimb in polytraumatized cats
32. Fractures of the pelvis and coxofemoral joint
33. Common fractures of the hind limb in polytraumatized cats

Alberto Barneto
DVM, ESVPS Cert SAS, Clínica Veterinaria Ayavet, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain
Salvador Cervantes Sala
DVM, S&A Veterinaris, Barcelona (Spain) 
Anna Calvet Alemany
DVM, ESVPS Cert SAS, Clínica Felina Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Antonio Peña Rodríguez
DVM, DESVPS, Associate Professor of Surgery at Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Llibertat Real Sampietro
DVM, AVEPA-certified in feline medicine, Clínica Veterinaria Ayavet, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain

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ISBN: 9781957260587
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Disciplina: Chirurgia generale
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