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Canine and feline dermatology atlas
Canine and feline dermatology atlas
2° ed., 334 pagg., 350 ill., Edra, settembre 2023
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The aim of the second edition of this atlas was to improve and update both the images, many of which are new, and the written content, including the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment. Some clinical features that were not included in the first edition have also been added.
This atlas has always been intended to help clinicians to recognise the different dermatoses they may see in daily clinical practice.

Although dermatology is based on direct observation of the affected organ, which should theoretically make diagnosis easier, it is notably difficult to find pathognomonic images of a given disease, and we must always consider the differential diagnoses when suspecting whichever is most likely.

One of the advantages of this book, therefore, is that it links clinical features and presentations to the corresponding dermatological patterns and the probable diagnoses that could match them. In this second edition, we have expanded the range of photographs, many of which are accompanied by the corresponding cytology results or microscopic images that could help bring the diagnosis to light. As the author of this atlas, I would be delighted if it helped veterinarians to reach diagnoses and resolve their cases.

  1. Introduction to dermatological diagnosis
  2. Bacterial dermatoses
  3. Fungal dermatoses
  4. Parasitic dermatoses
  5. Viral, protozoal, and algal dermatoses
  6. Allergic dermatoses
  7. Dermatoses of endocrine and metabolic origin
  8. Autoimmune or immune-mediated dermatoses
  9. Dermatosis due to keratoseborrhoeic and pigmentary alterations
  10. Most frequent tumours
  11. Most frequent pseudotumours
  12. Noninflammatory and nonendocrine forms of alopecia
  13. Miscellaneous conditions

Gustavo Machicote Goth, Med Vet
Laureato in Medicina Veterinaria presso l'Università di Buenos Aires. Responsabile del servizio di Riferimento Dermatologico DERMAPET dai suoi centri di Santiago de Compostela e Vilanova de Arousa.
Certificato in Dermatologia. Membro a pieno titolo dell'ESVD. Certificato dermatologico ESAVS 
Premio Miguel Luera 2005 e 2017 per il miglior caso clinico AVEPA in Dermatologia.
Master in Oncologia presso l'Università Miguel de Cervantes.
Ha tenuto numerosi corsi di formazione in Dermatologia in diversi paesi d'America e d'Europa. Ha pubblicato diversi articoli di dermatologia su riviste nazionali ed internazionali. Autore e coautore di diversi libri. 

Codice Articolo: DERMA104
ISBN: 9781957260310
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Area: Cane/Gatto
Disciplina: Dermatologia
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