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Goat Medicine
Goat Medicine
3° ed., 965 pagg., 50 ill., John Wiley & Sons, ottobre 2022
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Provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the full range of diseases potentially occurring in goats across the wide spectrum of geographic and management conditions in which goats are kept, from extensive grazing to intensive dairy production to backyard pet.
Goat Medicine, Third Edition is a complete resource for understanding caprine diseases worldwide. Covering the latest advances on diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, the two authors, board certified veterinarians with a global experience in goat health and production, offer a comprehensive examination of all important diseases encountered in the goat. The book offers authoritative and clinically relevant information on recognizing, diagnosing, treating, controlling and preventing goat disease at the individual, herd, and national levels.
To aid in reader comprehension and promote seamless assimilation of the knowledge contained within, the book is logically organized by body system and includes full color images throughout. Sample topics covered within the work include:
  • Control of economically important infectious diseases including caprine arthritis encephalitis, paratuberculosis and peste des petits ruminants, as well as internal and external parasites
  • Differential diagnosis of chronic weight loss and sudden death, anesthesia, and dehorning/descenting
  • Nutrition and metabolic diseases, herd health management, and preventive medicine
  • Formulary of drugs used in goats and suggested dosages, plus options for alternative medicine
Scientists, researchers, government veterinarians, laboratory diagnosticians, industry veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary practitioners around the world can confidently consult this book time and again as an all-in-one, complete resource for all topics pertaining to goat health and disease.

1 Fundamentals of Goat Practice
2 Skin
3 Subcutaneous Swellings
4 Musculoskeletal System
5 Nervous System
6 Ocular System
7 Blood, Lymph, and Immune Systems
8 Cardiovascular System
9 Respiratory System
10 Digestive System
11 Liver and Pancreas
12 Urinary System
13 Reproductive System
14 Mammary Gland and Milk Production
15 Wasting Diseases
16 Sudden Death
17 Anesthesia
18 Dehorning and Descenting
19 Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
20 Herd Health Management and Preventive Medicine

Mary C. Smith , DVM, Diplomate, ACT, is a Professor in the Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences at New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA.

David M. Sherman,DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVIM, is a Programme Coordinator in the Capacity Building Department at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris, France.

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