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Clinical reasoning in veterinary practice: problem solved!
Clinical reasoning in veterinary practice: problem solved!
2° ed., 434 pagg., 10 ill., John Wiley & Sons, Aprile 2022

Codice Articolo: MEDIN239
ISBN: 9781119698203
Peso: 900 g
Area: Tutte le specie
Disciplina: Medicina interna
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The new edition of this innovative textbook on clinical reasoning in veterinary medicine, provides a simple and logical approach for solving a wide range of clinical problems
Clinical Reasoning in Veterinary Practice: Problem Solved! 2nd Edition continues to provide a revolutionary approach for rapidly and efficiently solving clinical problems encountered in veterinary medicine.
Featuring new problem-based clinical reasoning examples, the second edition expands its problem-based approach to cover new problems of the eye, of exotic pets, and in equine practice. Another new chapter describes the principles of professional reasoning and decision making. The text content and format is fully revised based on universal design principles and will make clinical reasoning simpler to understand for readers with different learning styles.
  • Provides a logical approach to common clinical problems in small animal practice such as vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss, weakness, gait abnormalities, bleeding and more
  • Includes examples of common problems in exotic and equine practice and how to assess them using a problem-solving approach
  • Offers the logical rationale for selecting diagnostic tests
  • Features contributions by internationally recognised clinicians and educators in clinical and professional reasoning
  • Helps veterinary practitioners clearly communicate their decision-making to animal owners
  • Contains flowcharts and key step markers that illustrate the decision-making process
Clinical Reasoning in Veterinary Practice: Problem Solved! 2nd Edition is the perfect textbook for undergraduate veterinary students and an invaluable resource for new graduates and experienced veterinary practitioners alike.
About the Editors, vii
List of Contributors, ix
Preface, xi
Acknowledgements, xiii
1 Learning to learn and its relevance to logical clinical problem-solving, 1
Ivan Newman
2 Introduction to logical clinical problem-solving, 7
Jill E. Maddison and Holger A. Volk
3 Vomiting, regurgitation and reflux, 35
Jill E. Maddison
4 Diarrhoea, 55
Jill E. Maddison and Lucy McMahon
5 Weight loss, 73
Jill E. Maddison
6 Abdominal enlargement, 89
Jill E. Maddison
7 Weakness, 103
Holger A. Volk, David B. Church and Jill E. Maddison
8 Fits and strange episodes, 125
Holger A. Volk
9 Sneezing, coughing and dyspnoea, 153
David B. Church
10 Anaemia, 181
Jill E. Maddison and Lucy McMahon
11 Jaundice, 199
Jill E. Maddison and Lucy McMahon
12 Bleeding, 215
Jill E. Maddison
13 Polyuria/polydipsia and urinary incontinence, 237
Jill E. Maddison and David B. Church
14 Gait abnormalities, 261
Holger A. Volk, Elvin R. Kulendra and Richard L. Meeson
15 Pruritus, scaling and otitis, 285
Andrea Volk
16 Problem-based approach to problems of the eye, 305
Charlotte Dawson
17 Problem-based approach to small mammals – rabbits, rodents and ferrets, 323
Joanna Hedley
18 Problem-based clinical reasoning examples for equine practice, 353
Michael Hewetson
19 Principles of professional reasoning and decision-making, 391
Elizabeth Armitage-Chan
Index, 407
CV Autore/i
Jill E. Maddison, Professor of General Practice, Royal Veterinary College, UK. She contributes to the RVC's teaching program for veterinary students and veterinary nurses in the areas of small animal medicine, clinical reasoning, and clinical pharmacology as well as to national and international continuing education programmes.
David B. Church, Professor of Small Animal Studies, Royal Veterinary College, UK. He contributes to the RVC's teaching program for veterinary students and in the areas of clinical reasoning, small animal medicine in general and endocrinology as well as continuing education programmes around the world.
Holger A. Volk, Professor of Small Animal Diseases, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany. He is a specialist in veterinary neurology and teaches clinical neurology and problem solving to undergraduates and graduates both nationally and internationally.
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