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Veterinary ophthalmic surgery
Veterinary ophthalmic surgery
2° ed., 498 pagg., 1000 ill., Elsevier, Gennaio 2022

Codice Articolo: OFTAL80
ISBN: 9780702081637
Peso: 1600 g
Area: Tutte le specie
Disciplina: Oftalmologia
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Master animal eye surgery techniques with this comprehensive, step-by-step guide! Veterinary Ophthalmic Surgery, 2nd Edition is the resource of choice for all types of ophthalmic surgical procedures across all animal species. Not only does this book include illustrated guidelines and step-by-step procedures, but it also covers surgical instrumentation, the operating room, and the use of anesthesia. Each aspect of ophthalmic surgery is described, including pre-, intra- and post-operative details. Internationally recognized editors Galatt and Plumber are joined by a team of expert contributors in providing authoritative solutions to key issues in animal ophthalmic surgery. Whatever your specialty, this is the only eye surgery book you will ever need!
  • Comprehensive coverage of extraocular and intraocular surgical procedures includes all of the different types of procedures performed by veterinarians and veterinary ophthalmologists.
  • More than 1,050 high-quality color photographs and illustrations allow the practitioner to follow techniques step by step.
  • Pictorial reference includes multiple presentations of many ophthalmic diseases to show the various ways the condition may appear.
  • Comprehensive guidelines in each surgery chapter include anatomy, indications for surgery or other medical therapies, the available surgical procedures, postoperative management, success rates, and postoperative complications, followed by any modifications for large animals and special species.
  • Enhanced eBook included with every new print purchase provides users with the complete, fully searchable text plus a superb collection of online videos demonstrating actual ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Section I: Essentials
Chapter 1: Surgical Instrumentation.
Chapter 2: The Operating Room
Chapter 3: Anesthesia For Ophthalmic Surgery
Chapter 4: Basics Of Microsurgery: New Chapter
Section II: Small Animal (Dog & Cat) Ophthalmic Surgery
Chapter 5: Surgery Of The Orbit:
Chapter 6: Surgery Of The Eyelids
Chapter 7: Surgery Of Nasolacrimal And Tear Systems
Chapter 8: Surgical Procedures For The Conjunctva And The Nictitating Membrane
Chapter 9: Surgery Of The Cornea And Sclera
Chapter 10: Surgical Procedures Of The Anterior Chamber And Anterior Uvea
Chapter 11: Surgical Procedures For The Glaucomas
Chapter 12: Surgical Procedures For The Lens And Cataract
Chapter 13: Vitreoretinal Surgery
Section III: Other Species
Chapter 14: Equine Ophthalmic Surgery
Chapter 15: Ruminant (Bovine, Caprine, And Ovine) And Miniature Swine Ophthalmic Surgery
Chapter 16: Pet & Zoo Animal Ophthalmic Surgery
CV Autore/i
Kirk Gelatt
Distinguished Professor of Comparative Ophthalmology, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and the Gwathmey-Adams Laboratory for Vision Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Janice Gelatt
Instructor, Professional Development and Community Education, Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL
Caryn Plummer
Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Tennessee, 401 A.H. Nielsen Physics Building, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200, USA
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