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Clinical approach to feline dermatologic diseases
Clinical approach to feline dermatologic diseases
1° ed., 188 pagg., 370 ill., Edra, Maggio 2021

Codice Articolo: DERMA98
ISBN: 9788821450761
Peso: 1000 g
Area: Cane/Gatto
Disciplina: Dermatologia
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Cats are not small dogs and they are frequently forgotten in the literature. This book is intended to be an easy to use reference for practitioners and dermatology enthusiasts that only focuses on cats and their manifestations of skin disease. The emphasis will be on problem-based approach with numerous flowcharts and clinical images to provide examples of the various manifestations of skin disease in cats.

The prominence is placed on clinically applicable information and experienced based clinical tips to help clinicians troubleshoot the various clinical presentations of skin disease in this species. Many dermatologic diseases may look alike and the purpose of this book is to help clinicians successfully diagnose the underlying disease rather than empirically treat symptoms.

Particular emphasis will be placed on syndromes that are peculiar of cats and the special precautions that need to be taken when prescribing treatments in this species.
  1. Clinical approach to feline patients with skin disorders
  2. Diagnostic tests in feline dermatology
  3. Dermatology therapy
  4. Clinical approach to feline pruritus
  5. Clinical approach to feline allergic skin diseases
  6. Clinical approach to feline superficial fungal infections
  7. Clinical approach to feline ectoparasites
  8. Clinical approach to feline crusting dermatitis
  9. Clinical approach to feline nodular dermatitis
  10. Clinical approach to eosinophilic granuloma complex
  11. Clinical approach to feline ulcerative diseases
  12. Clinical approach to feline alopecia
  13. Clinical approach to feline otitis
  14. Clinical approach to feline facial dermatitis
  15. Clinical approach to feline pododermatitis and nail diseases
CV Autore/i
Rosanna Marsella, Associate Professor of Veterinary Dermatology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine
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