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Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary
Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary
5° ed., 1320 pagg., 200 ill., Elsevier, Ottobre 2020

Codice Articolo: PROF158
ISBN: 9780702074639
Peso: 2900 g
Area: Tutte le specie
Disciplina: Supporto attività professionale
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  • More than 60,000 main entries and subentries are included, making this the most comprehensive dictionary covering the whole range of veterinary medicine including large and small animals and exotic pets.
  • Pronunciation of key terms is indicated by a phonetic respelling that appears in parentheses immediately following main entries.
  • High-quality, color illustrations aid further understanding of important terminology.
  • Color design and format help you find key information at a glance.
  • Extensive appraisal, clarification, and focusing of entries to reflect current practice.
  • Extensive contributions from internationally acknowledged expert consultants.
  • UPDATED and NEW! Updated and all-new terminology from the latest research, including updated taxonomy in virology and bacteriology, ensures this invaluable reference is up-to-date.
  • NEW! Updated images ensure you receive the most current and pertinent illustrations that identify and highlight specific terms.
  • NEW! An all-new suite of online features including printable appendices with essential veterinary reference information, an image collection with 1,000 high-quality images, and an audio glossary with more than 1,200 common veterinary terms.
  • NEW! A new co-editor and new expert contributors from around the world provide updates on the latest advances in the field of veterinary science.
CV Autore/i
Virginia P. Studdert, BSc DVM Hon DVSc, Emeritus Professor, School of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Clive C. Gay, DVM MVSc Hon DVSc FACVSc Hon Diplomate ACVIM, Emeritus Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, Washington, USA
Kenneth W Hinchcliff, BVSc, MS, PhD, DACVIM (Large Animal), Dean Emeritus Veterinary Clinical Centre Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences The University of Melbourne
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