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Equine Reproduction
Equine Reproduction
2° ed., 2 voll., 3288 pagg., 100 + CD con 713 illustrazioni ill., John Wiley & Sons, gennaio 2011
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Now in a much-anticipated two-volume new edition, this gold-standard reference stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative text on equine reproduction. Serving theriogenologists, practitioners and breeders worldwide as a one-stop resource for the reproductive assessment and management of equine patients, Equine Reproduction, Second Edition provides detailed information on examination techniques, breeding procedures, pregnancy diagnosis and management, reproductive tract diseases and surgery, and foaling.
For the Second Edition, the stallion, mare and foal sections have been thoroughly updated and revised to include the latest information on every subject. New topics include discussion of nutritional and behavioral factors in the broodmare and stallion, parentage testing, fetal sexing and the health and management of older foals, weanlings and yearlings. Additionally, this outstanding Second Edition features a new section on assisted reproductive techniques, including detailed information on artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer and technology.

Part I: The Mare.
1. Anatomy.
2. Physiology and Endocrinology.
3. The Estrous Cycle.
4. Behavior.
5. Nutrition.
6. Management of the Transitional Mare.
7. Techniques in Reproductive Examination.
8. Diagnostic Ultrasonography.
9. Pharmacological Manipulation of Reproduction.
10. Diseases of the Uterus.
11. Diseases of the Ovary.
12. Problems of the Cervix.
13. Problems of the Mammary Glands.
14. Pregnancy, Parturition and the Puerperal Period.
15. Problems of Pregnancy.
16. Female Urogenital Surgery.
17. Other Equids.
18. General Interest.
Part II: The Stallion.
19. Anatomy, Physiology and Endocrinology.
20. Management.
21. Sexual Behavior.
22. Semen Collection and Evaluation.
23. Reproductive Examination.
24. Surgical Procedures.
Part III: Assisted Reproductive Techniques.
25. Semen.
26. Oocytes.
27. Embryos.
29. Future Technologies.
Part IV: Foal, Weanling and Yearling.
30. Prepartum Assessment of the Foal.
31. Foal Adaptation to Parturition.
32. Postpartum Fetal Assessment.
33. Postpartum Fetal Assessment.
34. Problems of the Immediate Post-Partum Period.
35. System Disorders: Immune, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Urogenital, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Integument, Ocular, Endocrinological.
36. Specific Diagnostic and Management Techniques.
37. Problems of Older Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings.

Angus O. McKinnon, BVSc, MSc, Diplomate ACT and ABVP, Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Victoria, Australia
Edward L. Squires, BS, MS, PhD, Executive Director of the Gluck Equine Research Foundation, Research Professor, Department of Veterinary Science, M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Wendy E. Vaala, VMD, Diplomate ACVIM, Senior Equine Technical Service Veterinarian, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Alma, WI
Dickson D. Varner, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT, Professor and Pin Oak Stud Chair of Stallion Reproductive Studies, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

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