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Principles of equine dentistry
Principles of equine dentistry
1° ed. it, 240 pagg., 800 ill., Manson Publishing, Aprile 2010

Codice Articolo: EQUIN244
ISBN: 9781840761146
Peso: 1020 g
Area: Cavallo
Disciplina: Odontoiatria/Odontostomatologia
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The equine dentition (hypsodont) develops differently from that of humans and small animals (brachydont) yet many of the principles of general dentistry are applicable to the equine species. Some are not.

Dr Klugh and his contributing authors identify, apply and evaluate the principles of equine dentistry in relation to the horse—their similarities and differences. Such a system is of value in terms of vocabulary, biology and disease process.

The book’s coverage ranges from anatomy, biomechanics and examination to radiology, anaesthesia, trauma, disease and restoration. Top quality colour photographs and diagrams illustrate the text throughout.

Principles of Equine Dentistry will be of value to equine dentists, equine practitioners, instructors and trainees, and to veterinary students.
  1. Evolution of the Hypsodont Tooth
  2. Dental examination
  3. Anatomical characteristics of equine dentition
  4. Embryology
  5. Muscles of mastication
  6. Principles of mastication biomechanics
  7. Principles of Occlusal Equilibration
  8. Eruption and shedding of teeth
  9. Dental radiology
  10. Standing chemical restraint I the dental patient
  11. Regional and local anaesthesia
  12. Exodontics of equine teeth
  13. Standing repulsion of equine cheek teeth
  14. Head trauma in horses
  15. Principles of restoration of diseased teeth
  16. Principles of periodontal disease
  17. Principles of endodontics
  18. Principles of orthodontics
CV Autore/i
David O. Klugh, Equine Dental Associates, Newberg, Oregon, USA
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