BSAVA Small animal formulary  - Part B: Exotic pets
BSAVA Small animal formulary - Part B: Exotic pets
11th ed., 338 pages, 0 ill., BSAVA Publications, May 2023
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The BSAVA Small Animal Formulary has been one of the Association’s most trusted and highly valued publications for over a quarter of a century. Under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Hedley, the Editorial Panel has thoroughly reviewed and updated the content to ensure that the most up-to-date information is provided on the medications used for exotic pets. The species covered include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. The new edition includes:
• 7 new drug monographs
• Products that are authorized for use in one or more of the exotic pet species listed in the monograph are marked by bold text, to aid with following the Prescribing Cascade
• The European Medicines Agency (EMA) categories have been added to the relevant antibiotic drug monographs and further guidance is provided on responsible use in the Appendix
• Guidelines for responsible parasiticide use have been added
• Online extras – an updated table on vendors of proprietary fish medicines and a new set of tables detailing drug doses for British wildlife have been added to the BSAVA Library.

The exotic pet Formulary has been fully updated for 2020 with new drugs and expanded information on other drugs, reflecting the latest knowledge, with primary references where available.
Dosages cover small mammals (including primates, sugar gliders and hedgehogs as well as rodents, rabbits and ferrets), birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians.
Formulary Quick Links provide useful supporting information including the prescribing cascade and protocols for chemotherapy and sedation and immobilization; a new addition is a table listing proprietary fish medicines.

Joanna Hedley
BVM&S DZooMed(Reptilian) DipECZM(Herpetology) MRCVSBeaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital Royal Veterinary College Royal College Street, London NW1 0TU

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