Veterinary surgical oncology
Veterinary surgical oncology
2nd ed, 880 pages, 650 ill., John Wiley & Sons, June 2022
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The new edition of the most comprehensive resource on surgical oncology, covering both basic and advanced surgical oncology procedures in small animals
Veterinary Surgical Oncology is a detailed, highly illustrated reference to surgical treatment of cancer in small animal patients. Designed to provide in-depth coverage of surgical procedures, the book also includes useful information on diagnostic testing, complications, aftercare, outcomes, prognosis, and adjuvant or alternative therapies to assist veterinary surgeons and veterinary oncologists with decision making. Contributions by leaders in the field discuss the principles of surgical oncology, multimodal therapy, and interventional radiology, and describe surgical techniques in all anatomical structures.
Now in its second edition, Veterinary Surgical Oncology is fully revised and incorporates new material, including a brand-new chapter discussing the anatomic, functional, and ethical limits of surgical oncology procedures. This edition contains expanded coverage of interventional oncology with discussion of these techniques in relevant chapters, additional surgical procedures, as well as more information regarding other modalities, including extravasation of chemotherapy and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on wound healing. Additional surgical procedures are supported by new figures, improved images, and up-to-date information. This authoritative surgical oncologic textbook:
  • Emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment that integrates diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alternative therapies, and cancer biology
  • Provides new and expanded sections by specialist medical oncologists, surgeons, and a specialist neurologist that cover all the latest advances in the field
  • Includes more than 800 high-quality images and illustrations
  • Features a new companion website with videos
Veterinary Surgical Oncology, Second Edition remains essential reading for all practicing veterinarians, as well as specialists and trainees in veterinary surgery, oncology, and internal medicine.

List of Contributors xxix
Preface xxxii
Foreword xxxiii
About the Companion Website xxxiv
1 Principles of Surgical Oncology 1
William T.N. Culp and Nicole Ehrhart
Preoperative Considerations 1
Surgical Planning 2
Postoperative Considerations 12
References 14
2 Multi-modal Therapy 17
Tania A. Banks, Christine Mullin, and Craig A. Clifford
Introduction 17
Surgery 17
Radiation Therapy 17
Surgery and Radiation 17
Chemotherapy 19
Electrochemotherapy 21
Molecular and Targeted Therapies 21
Complications of Chemotherapy 21
Complications of Radiation Therapy 38
References 41
3 Interventional Oncology 69
William T.N. Culp
Imaging 69
Instrumentation and Implants 70
Approaches 76
Nonvascular Interventional Oncology Techniques 77
Vascular Interventional Oncology Techniques 81
References 83
4 Skin and Subcutaneous Tumors 92
Erik G.H. Wouters, Sebastiaan (Bas) A. van Nimwegen, Stewart Ryan, and Jolle Kirpensteijn
Skin Tumors General Principles 92
General Approach to the Diagnosis and Staging of Skin Tumors 93
Treatment Options for Skin Tumors 95
Mast Cell Tumors 98
Mesenchymal Tumors and Melanoma 108
References 128
5 Head and Neck Tumors 143
Sara A. Ayres and Julius M. Liptak
Lymph Node Staging 143
Nasal Planum Tumors 143
Tumors of the Pinna 148
Tumors of the External Ear Canal 151
Tumors of the Middle Ear 157
Salivary Gland Tumors 162
Tumors of the Lip 167
References 176
6 Oral Tumors 182
Julius M. Liptak and B. Duncan X. Lascelles
Introduction 182
Diagnosis and Clinical Staging 182
General Surgical Considerations 185
Surgical Approach to Tumors of the Mandible 190
Surgical Approach to Tumors of the Maxilla 207
Mandibular and Maxillary Tumors in Dogs 230
Surgical Approach to Tumors of the Hard Palate 236
Surgical Approach to Tumors of the Tongue 238
Multimodal Management of Oral Tumors 244
Prognosis 246
References 255
7 Alimentary Tract 265
William T.N. Culp, Ryan P. Cavanaugh, Earl F. Calfee III, Paolo Buracco, and Tania A. Banks
Esophagus 265
Stomach 272
Liver and Gallbladder 282
Pancreas 297
Small Intestine 306
Colorectal Tumors 315
References 373
8 Respiratory Tract and Thorax 393
Marina Martano, Sarah Boston, and Emanuela Morello
Rhinotomy 393
Laryngeal Tumors 406
Thoracotomy 412
Tracheal Lung 427
Metastasectomy for Sarcomas 444
Thoracic Wall Resection 446
References 456
9 Cardiovascular System 469
Simon T. Kudnig and Eric Monnet
Heart and Heart-Base Tumors 469
Pericardial Tumors 475
Carotid Body Tumors 476
Vascular Oncologic Surgery – Tumor Thrombus Excision 478
References 480
10 Reproductive System 484
Maurine J. Thomson and Tara A. Britt
Female Reproductive System 484
Histologic Tumor Types 484
Prognosis 485
Adjuvant Therapy 485
Uterine Tumors 485
Vaginal and Vulvar Tumors 486
Histologic Tumor Types 489
Prognosis 489
Adjuvant Therapy 490
Tumors of the Clitoris 490
Canine Mammary Tumors 490
Feline Mammary Tumors 493
Surgery 493
Male Reproductive System 495
Testicular Tumors 496
Prognosis 498
Prostatic Tumors 498
Surgical Techniques and Outcomes 498
Radiation Therapy 505
Histologic Tumor Types and Prognosis 505
Penile Tumors 505
Surgery 507
References 510
11 Urinary Tract 515
Nicholas J. Bacon and James P. Farese
Biopsy Procedures for Urinary Tumors 515
Laparoscopy 516
FNA and Needle Core Biopsy 516
Incisional Biopsy 516
Imaging Techniques 517
Kidney 520
Bladder 524
Palliative Procedures 533
References 536
12 Eyelids, Eye, and Orbit 541
Cassandra Y. Prpich, B. Duncan X. Lascelles, and Michael Davidson
Introduction 541
Clinical Workup and Biopsy Principles 541
Imaging Techniques 542
Eyelid Neoplasia 542
V-plasty and Four-sided Excision 543
Advancement Flap 543
Rotational Flap 545
Semicircular Flap 545
Mucocutaneous Subdermal Plexus Flaps (Lip-to-lid) 546
Bucket Handle or Bridge Flap 546
Conjunctival, Nictitans, and Scleral Neoplasia 551
Eye Neoplasia 554
References 567
13 Endocrine System 569
Bernard Séguin and Lisa Brownlee
Pituitary Tumors 569
Adrenal Tumors 577
Thyroid Tumors: Feline Hyperthyroidism 589
Thyroid Glands: Canine Thyroid Tumors 595
Parathyroid Tumors 603
Cats 608
Endocrine Pancreatic Tumors 609
References 614
14 Hemolymphatic System 624
Deanna R. Worley
Lymph Nodes 624
Spleen 639
Thymus 647
Tonsils 657
References 659
15 Nervous System 668
Rebecca A. Packer
Introduction 668
Clinical Workup 668
Preoperative Imaging Techniques 669
Intracranial and Calvarial Tumors 670
Modifications to Surgical Approaches for Skull Masses 683
Intraoperative Navigation and Imaging Techniques 684
Species Differences 684
Post-Operative Management 685
Vertebral and Spinal Cord Tumors 690
Nerve Sheath Tumors 704
References 712
16 Musculoskeletal Tumors 720
Julius M. Liptak, William S. Dernell, Jim P. Farese, and Jonathan P. Bray
Osteosarcoma 720
Other Musculoskeletal Tumors 724
Metastatic Tumors of Bone 726
Primary Bone Tumors of Cats 728
Diagnostic Workup 729
Surgical Principles 735
Limb Amputation 736
Hemipelvectomy 743
Adjunctive Therapies 787
References 792
17 Ethics and Surgical Limits of Surgical Oncology 807
Julius M. Liptak
Introduction 807
Surgical Limits 807
References 813
Index 817

Simon T. Kudnig, BVSc, MVS, MS, FACVSc, DACVS
is an ACVS Founding Fellow of Surgical Oncology and Referral Surgeon at the Animal Referral Hospital in Victoria, Australia.  
Bernard Séguin, DVM, MS, DACVS
is an ACVS Founding Fellow of Surgical Oncology, ACVS Founding Fellow of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Professor of Surgical Oncology at the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

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