BSAVA Manual of canine and feline dermatology
BSAVA Manual of canine and feline dermatology
4th ed., 296 pages, 150 ill., BSAVA Publications, November 2021
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Dermatology constitutes a large percentage of the daily caseload in small animal practice and can represent a challenge for the busy practitioner, as many different diseases have similar presenting signs. For this reason, a structured understanding of how to approach a dermatological case is essential for a successful outcome.
The 4th edition of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dermatology has been completely updated, chapters have been expanded and structurally divided to include the management of specific diseases and common dermatological cases, such as ectoparasite infestation and its treatment and prophylaxis, atopic dermatitis and its management, superficial and deep pyoderma and their treatment, feline-specific conditions and their management, autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases and a targeted management, etc. New chapters have also been added to this new edition, such topical treatments, nutrients of the skin and regional dermatoses.
The manual begins by providing the reader with a grounding in examination and investigative techniques, including a new chapter on cytology. The second section focuses on a problem-oriented approach to common dermatological conditions and their management. The final part of the manual covers the major skin diseases of dogs and cats.

List of contributors
  1. Structure and function of the skin
  2. History, examination and initial evaluation
  3. Core investigative and laboratory techniques
  4. Cytology
  5. Dermatopathology
  6. An approach to pruritus
  7. Ectoparasite infestation - clinical presentation
  8. Ectoparasite infestation - tratment and prophylaxis
  9. Atopic dermatitis and food – responsive dermatosis
  10. Management of pruritus and atopic dermatitis
  11. Allergy testing and allergen-specific immunotherapy – a practical approach
  12. An approach to scaling
  13. An approach to papules and pustules
  14. An approach to erosions and ulcerations
  15. An approach to nodules and draining sinus tracts
  16. An approach to orders of pigmentation
  17. An approach to focal and multifocal alopecia
  18. An approach to canine symmetrical alopecia and management
  19. An approach to otitis
  20. Management of otitis
  21. An approach to superficial and deep pyoderma
  22. Management of superficial and deep pyoderma
  23. An approach to feline-specific conditions
  24. Management of feline-specific conditions
  25. Dermatophytosis
  26. Malassezia dermatitis
  27. Topical treatments
  28. Autoimmune and immune-mediated skin disease
  29. Management of autoimmune and immune-mediated skin diseases
  30. Subcutaneous and deep systemic infections
  31. Nutrients and the skin
  32. Actinic (solar) dermatoses
  33. Regional dermatoses
  34. Neoplastic and paraneoplastic syndromes affecting the skin

Hilary Jackson, Dermatology Referral Service, Glasgow, UK.
Rosanna Marsella, Associate Professor of Veterinary Dermatology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine.

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