Blackwell's Five-minute Veterinary Consult - Clinical Companion - Small Animal Dentistry
Blackwell's Five-minute Veterinary Consult - Clinical Companion - Small Animal Dentistry
3rd ed., 384 pages, 500 ill., John Wiley & Sons, September 2021
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The newly revised Third Edition of Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Dentistry delivers an expertly edited quick-reference guide to all aspects of small animal dentistry. The book comprehensively describes new technologies and techniques as well as updated classifications and terminology. Readers will enjoy fast access to basic knowledge and detailed instructions for a wide variety of techniques in small animal dentistry.
Newer technologies, like digital radiographs and advanced images, and newer techniques, like regional blocks, are combined with the latest in treatment information to provide readers with the most logically organized reference manual in the industry. The book’s companion website offers video clips and client education handouts perfect for use in a busy veterinary practice.
General practitioners will find this book to be a practical and indispensable resource. Readers will also enjoy:
  • A thorough discussion of small animal dentistry diagnostics, including oral exams and charting, periodontal probing, transillumination, and intraoral radiology and advanced imaging
  • An exploration of small animal dentistry techniques, including dental cleaning, root planing and periodontal pocket therapy, gingival flaps, extraction techniques, and oral pain management
  • Analyses of a wide variety of developmental oral and dental problems, including retained deciduous teeth, dentigerous cysts, and palatal defects
Perfect for small animal general veterinary practitioners, veterinary technicians, and veterinary nurses; Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Dentistry will also earn a place in the libraries of veterinary students who hope to improve their understanding of small animal dentistry with a quick-reference guide containing step-by-step procedures.

Section I – Diagnostics
Chapter 1 – Oral Examination and Charting
Chapter 2 – Periodontal Probing
Chapter 3 – Intraoral Radiology and Advanced Imaging
Section II – Techniques
Chapter 4 – Complete Dental Cleaning
Chapter 5 – Periodontal Therapy
Chapter 6 – Gingival Flaps
Chapter 7 – Extraction Techniques
Chapter 8 – Oral Pain Management
Chapter 9 – Equipment, Instruments and Maintenance
Section III - Oral/Dental Diseases – Developmental Oral/Dental Problems
Chapter 10 – Persistent Deciduous Teeth
Chapter 11 – Craniomandibular Osteopathy
Chapter 12 – Enamel Hypocalcification
Chapter 13 – Eruption Disruption
Chapter 14 – Abnormal Tooth Number – Decreased
Chapter 15 – Abnormal Tooth Number – Increased
Chapter 16 – Abnormal Tooth Development and Structure
Chapter 17 – Dentigerous Cysts
Chapter 18 – Palatal Defects
Chapter 19 – Malocclusions and Orthodontics
Section IV – Acquired Oral/Dental Diseases – Periodontal Problems
Chapter 20 – Periodontal Disease
Chapter 21 – Gingival Enlargement
Chapter 22 – Oronasal Fistula

Heidi B. Lobprise, DVM, is a dental referral specialist in private practice at Main Street Veterinary Hospital and Dental Clinic in Flower Mound, Texas, USA, and consultant for Southern Veterinary Partners, a regional network of animal hospitals, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

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