Small animal diagnostic ultrasound
Small animal diagnostic ultrasound
4th ed., 752 pages, 800 ill., Elsevier, November 2020
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Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound, 4th Edition is the must-have resource for coverage of the basic principles of ultrasonography in small animal medical care. Using a logical body-systems approach, where chapters are organized from "head to tail", this fourth edition offers completely revised and up-to-date information regarding the latest techniques, applications, and developments in ultrasonography including expanded coverage of Doppler imaging principles and gross anatomic and pathological specimen images. These updates, coupled with new coverage of internal medicine topics, makes this book the best resource for practitioners, residents, and students.
Obtain the highest quality diagnostic images and better patient outcomes with these valuable features:
  • The most up-to-date ultrasound imaging techniques ensure you stay on top of the industry
  • NEW! All-new coverage of internal medicine includes basic knowledge about disease progression, the value of various blood tests in evaluating the disease, as well as treatment strategies
  • NEW! Access to an Expert Consult website provides a fully searchable version of the book, plus video clips that demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions as they appear in ultrasound scans
  • Full-color design includes more than 1800 images
  • Gross anatomic and pathological specimen images accompany the ultrasound images to help orient you to the tissues under study

1. Fundamentals of Diagnostic Ultrasound
2. Ultrasound-Guided Aspiration and Biopsy Procedures
3. Point-of-Care Ultrasound
4. Abdominal Ultrasound Scanning Techniques
5. Eye
6. Neck
7. Thorax
8. Echocardiography
9. Liver
10. Spleen
11. Pancreas
12. Gastrointestinal Tract
13. Peritoneal Fluid, Lymph Nodes, Masses, Peritoneal Cavity, Great Vessel Thrombosis
14. Musculoskeletal System
15. Adrenal Glands
16. Urinary Tract
17. Prostate and Testes
18. Ovaries and Uterus

John S. Mattoon, DVM, DACVR, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Rance K. Sellon, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences,
Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Clifford Rudd Berry, DVM, Courtesy Professor, SACS, University of Florida, Gainesville FL

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