Atlas of small animal wound management and reconstructive surgery
Atlas of small animal wound management and reconstructive surgery
4th ed., 866 pages, 1000 ill., John Wiley & Sons, May 2018
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Wound management and reconstructive surgery are among the most challenging and innovative subspecialties of veterinary surgery for the management of traumatic injuries and neoplastic conditions commonly encountered in small animals. Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery, Fourth Edition presents detailed procedures for surgical reconstruction and essential information on the principles of wound healing and wound management for dogs and cats.  Coverage encompasses the pathophysiology and management of the wide variety of wounds encountered in small animal practice and the most current reconstructive techniques for closing the most challenging defects. 
This updated edition is presented with additional full color images and now includes color in each illustration, to enhance the reader’s understanding of each subject and successful execution of the surgical techniques covered.  It imparts new and updated information on a wide variety of topics, including skin and muscle flap techniques, skin fold disorders, facial and nasal reconstructive surgery, foot pad surgery, urogenital reconstructive surgery, and includes a new chapter on reconstructive surgery of the pinna.
  • Provides a key reference for general practitioners, surgeons, surgical residents, veterinary students, and small animal technicians in a single source
  • Discusses current and new wound management and reconstructive surgical techniques for all body regions, including the face, ear, mouth, eye, nose, trunk, external genitalia, and foot
  • Contains 35 brand-new plate illustrations, updated and enhanced color plate illustrations and drawings, and additional clinical photographs throughout
  • Features a new chapter dedicated to the surgical management of pinnal injuries and disorders, including new reconstructive surgical options developed by the author
  • Includes information boxes to emphasize important points and the author’s personal observations, drawing on more than forty years of surgical experience
Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery, Fourth Edition is a valuable one-stop reference for veterinary surgeons, residents, and small animal practitioners. 

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1. The Skin
2. Basic Principles of Wound Healing
3. Basic Principles of Wound Management
4. Topical Wound Care Products and Their Use
5. Dressings, Bandages, External Support, and Protective Devices
6. Common Complications in Wound Healing
7. Management of Specific Wounds
8. Regional Considerations
9. Tension-Relieving Techniques
10. Skin-Stretching Techniques
11. Local Flaps
12. Distant Flap Techniques
13. Axial Pattern Skin Flaps
14. Free Grafts
15. Facial Reconstruction
16. Myocutaneous Flaps and Muscle Flaps
17. Oral Reconstructive Surgical Techniques
18. Foot Pad Reconstruction
19. Major Eyelid Reconstruction
20. Nasal Reconstruction Techniques
21. Cosmetic Closure Techniques
22. Preputial Reconstructive Surgery
23. Pinnal Reconstructive Surgery
24. Miscellaneous Reconstructive Surgical Techniques

MICHAEL M. PAVLETIC, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, is Director of Surgical Services at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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