Equitation science
Equitation science
2nd ed., 404 pages, 200 ill., John Wiley & Sons, May 2018
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A new edition of a highly respected textbook and reference in the rapidly emerging field of equitation science. Equitation Science, 2nd Edition incorporates learning theory into ethical equine training frameworks suitable for riders of any level and for all types of equestrian activity. Written by international experts at the forefront of the development of the field, the welfare of the horse and rider safety are primary considerations throughout. This edition features a new chapter on research methods, and a companion website provides the images from the book in PowerPoint.

Preface vii
Acknowledgements ix
About the Companion Website xi
1 Introduction – The Fascination with Horses and Learning 1
2 Ethology and Cognition 7
3 Anthropomorphism and the Human–Horse Relationship 45
4 Non]associative Learning 59
5 Associative Learning (Attractive stimuli) 81
6 Associative Learning (Aversive stimuli) 101
7 Applying Learning Theory 121
8 Training 151
9 Horses in Sport and Work 191
10 Apparatus 213
11 Biomechanics 235
12 Unorthodox Techniques 261
13 Stress and Fear Responses 273
14 Ethical Equitation 301
15 Research Methods in Equitation Science 313
16 The Future of Equitation Science 331
Glossary of the Terms and Definitions and of Processes Associated with Equitation 339
References 357
Index 393

Paul McGreevy is a Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, Australia.
Janne Winther Christensen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Uta König von Borstel is a Professor of Animal Husbandry and Biology at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Giessen, Germany.
Andrew McLean is one of the world's foremost equine behavioural practitioners and founder of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Australia.

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