Clostridial diseases of animals
Clostridial diseases of animals
1st ed., 336 pages, 40 ill., John Wiley & Sons, November 2016
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Clostridial Diseases of Animals is the first book to focus on clostridial diseases in domestic and wild animals, offering a comprehensive reference on these common diseases.
  • Provides a single resource for all aspects of clostridial diseases
  • Presents current, comprehensive information with a focus on clinical relevance
  • Covers each disease in depth, including etiology, epidemiology, clinics, gross pathology, histopathology, diagnostics, diagnostic criteria, prophylaxis, control, and treatment
  • Written by the world-leading experts in the field of clostridial diseases in animals
  • Offers photographs and summary tables to support the concepts discussed in the text and aid in recognition

List of Contributors Xi
Preface xvii
Section 1: The pathogenic clostridia
1 Taxonomic Relationships among the Clostridia 3
John F. Prescott, Janet I. MacInnes, and Anson K. K. Wu
2 General Physiological and Virulence Properties of the Pathogenic Clostridia 7
Julian I. Rood
3 Brief Description of Animal Pathogenic Clostridia 13
John F. Prescott
Section 2: Toxins Produced by the Pathogenic Clostridia
4 Toxins of Histotoxic Clostridia: Clostridium chauvoei, Clostridium septicum, Clostridium novyi, and Clostridium sordellii 23
Michel R. Popoff
5 Toxins of Clostridium perfringens 45
James R. Theoret and Bruce A. McClane
6 Toxins of Clostridium difficile 61
J. Glenn Songer, Ashley E. Harmon, and M. Kevin Keel
7 Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium tetani Neurotoxins 71
Michel R. Popoff
Section 3: Clostridial Infections of the Gastrointestinal System
8 Diseases Produced by Clostridium perfringens Type A in Mammalian Species 109
Francisco A. Uzal
9 NetF-Associated Necrotizing Enteritis of Foals and Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis 117
Iman Mehdizadeh Gohari, Valeria R. Parreira, and John F. Prescott
10 Necrotic Enteritis of Poultry 123
Kerry K. Cooper and J. Glenn Songer
11 Infections by Clostridium perfringens Type B 139
Francisco A. Uzal and J. Glenn Songer
12 Diseases Produced by Clostridium perfringens Type C 143
Santiago S. Diab
13 Diseases Produced by Clostridium perfringens Type D 157
Francisco A. Uzal, Federico Giannitti, John W. Finnie, and Jorge P. García
14 Infections by Clostridium perfringens Type E, 173
J. Glenn Songer
15 Diseases Produced by Clostridium difficile 177
Santiago S. Diab, Francisco A. Uzal, and J. Glenn Songer
16 Disease Caused by Clostridium colinum: Ulcerative Enteritis of Poultry and Other Avian Species 197
John F. Prescott
17 Clostridial Abomasitis 205
John F. Prescott, Paula I. Menzies, and Russell S. Fraser
18 Diseases Produced by Clostridium spiroforme 221
J. Glenn Songer and Francisco A. Uzal
Section 4: Clostridial Histotoxic Infections
19 Blackleg 231
Camila C. Abreu and Francisco A. Uzal
20 Gas Gangrene (Malignant Edema) 243
Rodrigo O. S. Silva, Francisco A. Uzal, Carlos A. Oliveira Jr, and Francisco C. F. Lobato
21 Gangrenous Dermatitis in Poultry 255
H. L. Shivaprasad
22 Bacillary Hemoglobinuria 265
Mauricio Navarro, Fernando Dutra Quintela, and Francisco A. Uzal
23 Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis 275
Mauricio Navarro and Francisco A. Uzal
24 Tyzzer’s Disease 281
Karina C. Fresneda and Francisco R. Carvallo Chaigneau
Section 5: Clostridial Neurotoxic Infections
25 Tetanus 295
Michel R. Popoff
26 Botulism 303
Caroline Le Maréchal, Cédric Woudstra, and Patrick Fach
27 Diseases Caused by Other Clostridia Producing Neurotoxins 331
John F. Prescott

Francisco A. Uzal, DVM, FRVC, MSc, PhD, Dipl. ACVP, is Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California at Davis in San Bernardino, California, USA.
J. Glenn Songer,  MA, PhD, Fellow AAM, Dipl. ACVM, is Professor (Emeritus) of Veterinary Science and Microbiology, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizon, USA.
John F. Prescott, MA, Vet MB, PhD, FCAHS, is Professor (Emeritus) of Veterinary Microbiology at Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.
Michel R. Popoff, DVM, PhD, is the head of the Research Unit of Anaerobic Bacteria and Toxins and the National Reference Center for Anaerobic Bacteria and Botulism at Institut Pasteur in Paris, France.

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