The athletic horse - principles and practice of equine sports medicine
The athletic horse - principles and practice of equine sports medicine
2nd ed., 397 pages, 30 ill., Elsevier, September 2016
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Showing how to maximize performance in horses, The Athletic Horse: Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition describes sports training regimens and how to reduce musculoskeletal injuries. Practical coverage addresses the anatomical and physiological basis of equine exercise and performance, centering on evaluation, imaging, pharmacology, and training recommendations for sports such as racing and show jumping. Now in full color, this edition includes new rehabilitation techniques, the latest imaging techniques, and the best methods for equine transportation. Written by expert educators Dr. David Hodgson, Dr. Catherine McGowan, and Dr. Kenneth McKeever, The Athletic Horse includes a website with video clips of gaits, lameness, and equine maneuvers.


New to this edition

•NEW full-color photographs depict external clinical signs, allowing more accurate clinical recognition.


•NEW and improved imaging techniques maximize your ability to assess equine performance.


•UPDATED drug information is presented as it applies to treatment and to new regulations for drug use in the equine athlete.


•NEW advances in methods of transporting equine athletes ensure that the amount of stress on the athlete is kept to a minimum.


•NEW rehabilitation techniques help to prepare the equine athlete for a return to the job.


•Two NEW authors, Dr. Catherine McGowan and Dr. Kenneth McKeever, are highly recognized experts in the field.

Section I: Structure Considerations in Equine Sports Medicine
1. An Overview of Performance and Sports Medicine
2. Comparative Aspects of Exercise Physiology
Section II: Physiology of Exercise and Performance
3. Energetic Considerations of Exercise 
4. Nutrition of the Performance Horse
5. Hematology and Biochemistry
6. Physiology of Acid-Base Balance and Fluid Shifts with Exercise
7. Endocrine and Immune Responses to Exercise and Training
8. Thermoregulation
9. The Respiratory System: Anatomy, Physiology, and Adaptations to Exercise and Training
10. Transport of Horses
11. The Cardiovascular System: Anatomy, Physiology, and Adaptations to Exercise and Training
12. Muscle: Anatomy, Physiology, and Adaptations to Exercise and Training
13. Tendon, Ligament, Bone, and Cartilage: Anatomy, Physiology, and Adaptations to Exercise and Training
14. Age and Disuse in Athletes: Effects of Detraining, Spelling, Injury, and Age
Section III: Biomechanics/Kinematics and Performance
15. Conformation
16. The Biomechanics of Equine Locomotion
17. Kinematics of the Equine Back and Pelvis
18. Functional Biomechanics: The Effect of the Rider and Track
Section IV: Practical Exercise Physiology
19. Training Regimens: Physiologic Adaptations to Training
20. Training Tthe Thoroughbred Racehorse
21. Training Standardbred Trotters and Pacers
22. Training Endurance Horses
23. Training the Event Horse
24. Dressage Tests, Movements, and Training: A Primer 
25. Training Show Jumpers
26. Training the Working Horse
27. Training the Racing Quarterhorse
28. Evaluation of Performance Potential
29. Clinical Exercise Testing and Investigation of Poor Performance



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