Noordsy's Food Animal Surgery
Noordsy's Food Animal Surgery
5th ed., 300 pages, 250 ill., John Wiley & Sons, April 2014
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Noordsy’s Food Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition is a fully updated new edition of the classic field manual on surgical techniques in cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. Designed for easy, fast access in the field, information is presented using a concise outline style with information boxes, tables, drawings, and photographs to highlight and illustrate key points Noordsy’s Food Animal Surgery is an ideal reference for veterinary students and clinicians seeing food animal patients.

Beginning with chapters on general surgical considerations, restraint, and anesthesia, the book’s main focus is on step-by-step procedures for specific surgical techniques. The Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated throughout to provide a current resource, with additional information on welfare, pain management, and anesthesia. Noordsy’s Food Animal Surgery is an essential purchase for practitioners and students wanting to develop or refresh their surgical skills

Preface ix

About the Companion Website xi

1 General Surgical Consideration 1

Preoperative Procedures 1

Preparing the Surgical Site 3

Postoperative Care 5

Suggested Reading 8

2 Surgical Restraint 11

General Considerations 11

Techniques That Divert the Animal’s Attention 11

Methods That Prevent Kicking 12

Methods for Raising a Leg in Cattle 13

Methods for Restraining the Tail in Cattle 15

Methods for Casting Cattle 15

Other Restraints 16

Mechanical Restraint 17

Suggested Reading 18

3 Local and Regional Anesthesia 19

General Considerations for Local and Regional (Nonepidural) Anesthesia 19

Abdominal Wall Anesthesia in Cattle 19

Anesthesia of the Distal Limb Via Vascular (IV) Infusion in Cattle 24

Anesthesia of the Horn (Cornual Nerve Block) 25

Eye and Eyelid Anesthesia in Cattle 27

Teat Anesthesia in Cattle 30

Sacral and Subsacral Paravertebral Blocks 33

Suggested Reading 37

4 Epidural Anesthesia 39

Principles of Epidural Anesthesia 39

Administering Epidural Anesthesia 41

Suggested Reading 50

5 General Anesthesia and Postoperative Analgesia 51

Introduction and General Considerations 51

Selected Drugs Used for Sedation, Tranquilization, Analgesia, Anesthesia, and Muscle Relaxation 54

Inhalation Anesthesia 59

Suggested Reading 63

6 Surgery of the Head and Neck in Cattle and Goats 65

Basic Cornuectomy in Cattle 65

Cosmetic Cornuectomy in Cattle 66

Cornuectomy in Goats 67

Trephination of Frontal Sinuses in cattle 68

Dentistry in Cattle 69

Tracheotomy in cattle 70

Esophagostomy in Cattle 71

Suggested Reading 73

7 Surgical Treatment of Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Corneal Dermoids in Cattle 75

Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma 75

Corneal Dermoid Surgery 80

Surgery for Entropion 80

Suggested Reading 81

8 Hernias and Umbilical Masses 83

Introduction 83

Surgical Procedures in Cattle 84

Surgical Procedures in Pigs 92

Herniorrhaphy in Sheep and Goats 95

Suggested Reading 95

9 Laparotomy in Cattle 97

Abdominal Surgery in cattle 97

Exploratory Laparotomy 100

Suggested Reading 103

10 Rumenotomy, Fistulation, Cannulation, and Pericardiotomy in Cattle 105

Rumenotomy 105

Creation of a Temporary Rumen Fistula 108

Permanent Rumen Cannulation 112

Pericardiotomy: Surgically Correcting Traumatic Pericarditis 113

Suggested Reading 116

11 Abomasal Surgery 119

General Considerations 119

Surgical Techniques for Treating Left Displaced Abomasum 119

Surgical Procedures for Treating Right Displaced Abomasum 127

Surgical Technique for Treating Abomasal Volvulus (RTA) 128

Conclusion 130

Suggested Reading 130

12 Surgical Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction 133

Introduction 133

Common Clinical Signs of Intestinal Obstruction in Cattle 133

Using Resection and Anastomosis to Treat Intussusception of the Jejunum in Cattle 134

Emergency Repair of Intestinal Laceration or Evisceration Trauma in Pigs and Calves 135

Spermatic Cord–Induced Intestinal Incarceration Surgery in Steers 135

Treating Typhlectasis with or without Torsion 136

Suggested Reading 138

13 Rectal Prolapse Repair 139

Factors That Can Predispose Animals to Rectal Prolapse 139

Types of Rectal Prolapse 139

Surgical Repair 139

Common Sequelae to Rectal Prolapse and Repair 143

Suggested Reading 143

14 Surgery of the Female Reproductive System 145

Oophorectomy in Cattle 145

Cesarean Section in Cows and Other Procedures to Aid Delivery 150

Cesarean Section in Sheep and Goats 161

Cesarean Section in Sows 163

Repair of Chronic Vaginal Prolapse in Cows 167

Third-Degree Perineal Laceration Repair 175

Urethral Extension to Control Urine Pooling 177

Suggested Reading 179

15 Surgery of the Male Reproductive System 183

Castration 183

Surgery for Cryptorchidism, Ectopic Testicle, and Scirrhous Cord 188

Surgical Correction of Penile and Preputial Conditions in Bulls 192

Extirpation of the Preputial Diverticulum in Boars 207

Surgical Preparation of Teaser Bulls, Boars, and Rams 210

Suggested Reading 218

16 Surgical Treatment of Conditions Associated with Urolithiasis 221

General Considerations 221

Urethrostomy 221

Tube Cystostomy 225

Urethral Catheterization 227

Urethral Repair in Breeding Bulls 228

Surgery for Subcutaneous Abdominal Inflammation and Edema Caused by Urethral Rupture 230

Surgical Removal of the Urethral Process in Wethers and Rams 230

Suggested Reading 230

17 Mammary Surgery 233

Teat Surgery 233

Udder Surgery 246

Suggested Reading 252

18 Ligament and Tendon Surgery 253

Tendon Surgery 253

Ligament Surgery 256

Suggested Reading 260

19 Foot and Claw Surgery 261

General Considerations 261

Amputation of the Claw in Cattle 261

Excision of Interdigital Fibromas (Corns) 263

Removal of Interdigital Foreign Bodies or Foreign Bodies Surrounding the Claw 265

Subsolar Abscess Surgery 265

Trimming of Claws, especially in Cattle 266

Amputation of the Forelimb and Hindlimb in Cattle, Especially Calves 267

Amputation of Medial Dewclaws of the Rear Feet in Heifers 268

Suggested Reading 268

20 Joint Surgery 271

General Considerations related to Joint Effusion 271

Arthrocentesis 271

Joint Flushing 272

Arthroscopy 273

Arthrodesis 273

Treatment of Meniscal Tears 274

Suggested Reading 274

21 Common Fractures and Dislocations 275

General Considerations 275

Specific Fractures and Dislocations 276

Suggested Reading 280

Study Question Answers 283

Index 293

N. Kent Ames, DVM, MS, is a food animal clinician at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

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