How to... collected articles from BSAVA companion
How to... collected articles from BSAVA companion
1st ed., 272 pages, 500 ill., BSAVA Publications, July 2013
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This new book brings together 40 of the best ‘How to…’ articles published in companion (the BSAVA’s monthly membership magazine) over the past four years into an easy reference book.
  • Practical tips and tricks on a wide variety of commonly-encountered situations.
  • From how to place an oesophagostomy tube, through microchipping chelonians, to selecting and carrying out a gastropexy procedure.
  • Articles have been revised and updated where appropriate, so they remain current.
  • Illustrated throughout.

How to... Place an oesophagostomy tube
Nick Bexfield and Penny Watson
How to... Investigate and treat a feather plucking parrot

Kevin Eatwell
How to... Approach the anorexic cat

Allison German
How to... Utilise blood products in small animals
Gillian Gibson
How to... Unravel the mysteries of feline alimentary lymphoma
Mark Goodfellow
How to... Use a direct ophthalmoscope
David Gould
How to... Place local anaesthetic blocks in small animals
Nicki Grint
How to... Choose a cat urinary catheter
Danielle Gunn-Moore
How to... Approach a dog with pale mucous membranes
Laura Holm and Kit Sturgess
How to... Provide effective oxygen supplementation
Karen Humm
How to... Approach the hypertensive patient
Rosanne Jepson
How to... Microchip chelonians
Mike Jessop
How to... Decide whether CT or MRI is best for your patient
Victoria Johnson
How to... Pick your way through the jungle of ectoparasite treatments for dogs and cats
Peri Lau-Gillard
How to... Perform rhinoscopy in the dog and cat
Philip Lhermette
How to... Approach the smelly ear
Janet Littlewood
How to... Treat a rabbit with urine scalding
Brigitte Lord
How to... Manage seizures
Mark Lowrie
How to... Perform a CSF tap
Mark Lowrie
How to... Perform a surgical extraction of a canine tooth
Lisa Milella
How to... Treat hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine
Carmel Mooney
How to... Handle bats
Liz Mullineaux and Matt Brash
How to... Collect a diagnostic bone marrow sample
Kate Murphy
How to... Approach canine mammary tumours
Gerry Polton
How to... Manage the systemically unwell, substage b, case of canine lymphoma
Gerry Polton
How to... Perform reliable veterinary haematology in practice
Roger Powell
How to... Perform a successful joint tap
Alasdair Renwick
How to... Approach the hypercalcaemic patient
Kirsty Roe
How to... Approach the anorexic rabbit
Richard Saunders
How to... Perform a cystotomy
Chris Shales
How to... Get the best from liver samples
Susana Silva
How to... Recognise HAC in cats
Andrew Sparkes
How to... Record an ECG
Nuala Summerfield
How to... Get the best from fluid therapy
Simon Tappin
How to... Perform effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Simon Tappin
How to... Get the best cytology samples
Kathleen Tennant
How to... Use progesterone testing in practice
Angelika von Heimendahl
How to... Manage feline urethral obstruction
David Walker
How to... Choose a wound dressing
Dick White and Georgie Hollis
How to... Select and carry out a gastropexy procedure

John Williams

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