Physical therapy and massage for the horse
Physical therapy and massage for the horse
2nd ed., 224 pages, 400 ill., Manson Publishing, December 2011
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This is an expanded and updated edition of this bestselling book. The authors, a world leader in equine anatomy and imaging, and a horse physiotherapist of international repute, provide a unique blend of basic biomechanics and practical physical therapeutic techniques, to relieve pain and improve performance, particularly in the sporting horse. This new edition has been restructured, there is a new chapter on mobilisation and stretching, along with 61 new illustrations. This subtle and original book will be of interest to all those involved in equine welfare including veterinary practitioners, veterinary students, therapists, horse owners, riders and trainers

Contents Preface Introduction Part 1: Basic Anatomy and Physiology 1.Concepts of neuromuscular physiology 2.Anatomy and basic biomechanics concepts Part 2: The equine athlete 3.general points concerning the young horse 4.Communication and relaxation Part 3: Physiotherapeutic methods and techniques 5.The techniques of massage 6.Mobilization and stretching 7.Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Part 4: Treatment of commonly encountered lesions 8.Common lesions in joints, tendons and muscles Part 5: Treatment specific to the various anatomical areas of the body 9.Treatment by anatomical area 10.Preparing muscles for specific competition References Index

Jean-Marie Denoix Professor, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire Jean-Pierre Pailloux Physiotherapist, French national equestrian team 1986-88 and at the Seoul Olympics

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