Complementary medicine for veterinary technicians and nurses
Complementary medicine for veterinary technicians and nurses
1st ed, 359 pages, 0 ill., John Wiley & Sons, February 2011
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Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first resource on holistic veterinary care written specifically for the veterinary technician.    Organized by treatment modality, the book offers practical information designed to help readers develop an understanding of each modality, assist with procedures associated with holistic medicine, and knowledgeably discuss treatment options with clients.   Outlining the respective roles of technicians and veterinarians throughout, this book is a welcome reference for readers looking to expand their knowledge of complementary veterinary medicine and introduce additional treatment options in their practice.

About the Author.
1 What Is Holistic Medicine?
2 The Role of the Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Nurse in the Holistic Practice.
3 Legal Implications.
4 Introduction to Modalities.
5 Especially for Veterinary Technicians.
6 The Touch Therapies.
7 Detoxification.
8 Holistic Diet Nutrition.
9 Nutraceuticals.
10 For Veterinarians: Treatments with a Certification Program.
11 Other Commonly Employed Modalities.
12 Other Less Commonly Used Modalities.
Appendix 1 Glossary.
Appendix 2 Alphabetical Listing of Modalities.
Appendix 3 Where to Go for More Help.
Appendix 4 Questions to Help Define the Scope of Your Practice.
Appendix 5 Patient History Chart.
Appendix 6 Consent Form.
Appendix 7 Vaccination Consent Form.
Appendix 8 Writing Case Reports.
Appendix 9 Special Diets for Disease Problems.
Appendix 10 Analysis of Some Homemade Diets.
Appendix 11 Doses for herbs.
Appendix 12 Dosing Schedule for Homotoxicology Formulas.
Appendix 13 Alphabetical List of Bach Flower Remedies.
Appendix 14 How to Find a Holistic Veterinarian.
Appendix 15 Inventory Management.
Appendix 16 Medicating and Grooming
Appendix 17 About the Author.

Nancy Scanlan, DVM, MSFP, is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and practices complementary and alternative medicine at Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic in Shasta Lake, California.  She is a past-President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and a past-President of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association.

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