The equine hospital manual
The equine hospital manual
1st ed., 735 pages, 100 ill., Blackwell Science, June 2008
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The must-have resource drawing together all aspects of hospital care of the horse and specialist techniques in equine medicine. Written by a team of over 30 international experts working at the cutting edge of equine medicine and surgery. The emphasis is on practical, easy-to-access information, with a sound basis in evidence based medicine and full references for further enquiry.

The Equine Hospital Manual covers the range of procedures used on hospitalized adult horses and foals from the simple to the advanced. The book is liberally illustrated with photographs and line drawings.

* Basic skills including physical examination, blood collection, and bandaging
* Advanced skills including mechanical ventilation, lung biopsy and cardiac output measurement
* Designing and setting up an equine hospital
* Biosecurity
* Therapeutic drugs used in horses and their doses
* Nutrition for hospital patients, including TPN and PPN
* Fluid therapy - choices, amounts and pitfalls
* Anaesthesia - equipment, techniques and post-operative care including analgesia

Reflecting the substantial trend in recent years to treat horses in a hospital rather than in the field, this book provides all you need to know whether you have facilities to treat one or one hundred horses.

1. Procedures In the Adult Horse.
2. Procedures in the Neonatal Foal.
3. Hospital Design and Organisation.
4. Anaesthesia.
5. Nutritional Management of the Hospitalised Horse.
6. Common Treatments.
7. Common Problems Encountered in the Hospitalised Horse.
8. Monitoring and Treating the Coagulation System.
9. Monitoring and Treating the Cardiovascular System.
10. Monitoring and Treating the Respiratory System.
11. Monitoring and Treating the Gastrointestinal System.
12. Monitoring and Treating the Liver.
13. Monitoring and Treating the Urogenital System.
14. Monitoring and Treating the Neurological System.
15. Monitoring and Treating Common Musculoskeletal Problems in Hospitalised Horses.
16. Management of Horses with Problems of the Integument.
17. Monitoring and Treatment of Eyes.
18. Physiotherapy.
19. Appendices

Kevin Corley and Jennifer Stephen are both based at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital, Republic of Ireland. Kevin was formerly a Lecturer in Equine Medicine and Critical Care, and Head of the Neonatal Foal Intensive Care Programme, at the Royal Veterinary College, London. He is an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Medicine (Internal Medicine) and diplomate of both the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. He is widely published in equine internal medicine and critical care, and has spoken at a range of international conferences.

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