Veterinary herbal medicine
Veterinary herbal medicine
1st ed., 736 pages, 201 ill., Mosby, February 2007
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This full-color reference offers practical, evidence-based guidance on using more than 120 medicinal plants, including how to formulate herbal remedies to treat common disease conditions. A body-systems based review explores herbal medicine in context, offering information on toxicology, drug interactions, quality control, and other key topics.

1. Why Use Herbs?
I. Historical Relationship between Plants and Animals
2. Zoopharmacognosy
3. Ethnoveterinary Medicine: Potential Solutions for Large-Scale Problems
4. The Roots of Veterinary Botanical Medicine
5. Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Cooking Pot Analogy
6. Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine: Principles and Practices
II. Herbal Medicine Controversies
7. Evaluating, Designing and Accessing Herbal Medicine Research
8. Regulation and Quality Control
9. A Skeptical View of Herbal
Medicine III. The Plants
10. Medical Botany
11. Plant Chemistry in Veterinary Medicine: Medicinal Constituents and their Mechanisms of Action
12. Herbal Medicine: Potential for Intoxication and Interactions with Conventional Drugs
13. Herbal Energetics: The Key to Efficacy in Herbal Medicine
14. Herb Manufacture, Pharmacy and Dosing
15. Herbal Materia Medica
16. Designing the Medicinal Herb Garden
17. Commercial Organic Herb Production for Veterinary Medicine
18. Conserving Medicinal Plant Biodiversity
19. Safe Substitutes for Endangered Herbs: Plant Conservation and Loss of our Medicines
IV. Veterinary Clinical Uses of Medicinal Plants
20. Approaches in Veterinary Herbal Medicine Prescribing
21. Herbs for Hematologic and Immunologic Disorders
22. Herbal Medicine in Equine Practice
23. Phytotherapy for Dairy Cows
24. Organic Management of Food Producing Livestock
25. Clinical Practice
V. Resources
A. Client Handouts
a. How to Administer Herbs
b. How to Report Adverse Events
B. Training in Herbal Medicine
C. Suppliers
D. Websites and Other Texts

Susan G. Wynn, DVM, Wynn Clinic for Therapeutic Alternatives, Marietta, GA; and Barbara Fougere, BVSc, BVMS(Hons), Acupuncture and Natural Therapies, Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia

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