Equine neonatal medicine
Equine neonatal medicine
1st ed., 1584 pages, 600 ill., John Wiley & Sons, March 2024
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Equine Neonatal Medicine offers an in-depth comprehensive reference for the clinical management of pregnant and periparturient mares and neonatal foals. Edited by leading experts in the field and written by experienced equine specialists, this textbook covers all aspects of providing veterinary care to mares and neonatal foals. Encompassing physiology, pathophysiology, theory, and practice, this textbook offers an authoritative, well-illustrated reference to equine perinatology.
Topics covered include breeding management, pregnancy detection, fetal monitoring, parturition, and peri-parturient disorders in the mare as well as diagnostic and therapeutic options for ill neonatal foals.
The book:
  • Covers aspects of veterinary care for the pregnant and peri-parturient mare and how to diagnose and treat the ill neonate
  • Discusses breeding management, pregnancy detection, fetal monitoring and parturition, and peri-parturient disorders in the mare
  • Presents an exhaustive, detailed, and comprehensive reference for any veterinary practitioner involved with breeding management of horses and the care of neonatal foals
  • Provides a clinical perspective, including both theory and practice
  • Features more than 600 color images and diagrams to demonstrate the concepts discussed
Equine Neonatal Medicine is an essential reference for any veterinary practitioner engaged with mares and foals, including specialists in equine medicine, equine and mixed animal practitioners, ambulatory practitioners, and veterinary students.

List of Contributors xiv
Foreword xix
Preface xx
Part I The Newborn Foal 1
Chapter 1 Postpartum Adaptation of the Newborn Foal 3
Section I Fetal Heart Rate and Fetal ECG 3
Section II Fetal Circulation and Cardiorespiratory Transition 8
Section III Maturation of the Lung and the Surfactant System 12
Section IV Onset of Breathing 26
Section V Control of Breathing 32
Section VI Renal Transition from Fetus to Newborn 37
Section VII Newborn Physical Examination 42
Chapter 2 Principles and Theory of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 51
Chapter 3 The Premature and Dysmature Neonatal Foal 64
Part II Disorders of the Neonatal Foal 79
Neonatal Respiratory System 81
Chapter 4 Embryology and Anatomy of the Respiratory System 81
Chapter 5 Clinical Neonatal Respiratory Physiology 84
Chapter 6 Examination, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of the Respiratory System 90
Section I Physical Examination 90
Section II Thoracic Radiography of the Neonatal Foal 94
Section III Thoracic Ultrasonography of the Neonatal Foal 101
Section IV Advanced Imaging (ct, Mri) of the Neonatal Respiratory System 109
Section V Inhalation Therapy 117
Section VI Ventilator Therapy 126
Chapter 7 Congenital Disorders of the Respiratory System 140
Chapter 8 Respiratory Disorders 153
Section I Disorders of Breathing Pattern in the Neonatal Foal 153
Section II Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders 156
Section III Meconium Aspiration Syndrome 183
Section IV Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn 189
Section V Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum 196
Section VI Diaphragmatic Hernias 201
Section VII Miscellaneous Disorders of the Respiratory System 206
Section VIII Nonpulmonary Disease Processes Manifesting as Respiratory Disease 216
Neonatal Cardiovascular System 224
Chapter 9 Embryology and Anatomy of the Heart 224
Chapter 10 Clinical Neonatal Cardiac Physiology 232
Chapter 11 Examination, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of the Cardiovascular System 238
Section I Examination of the Cardiovascular System 238
Section II Echocardiography 244
Section III Advanced Cardiac Monitoring in Foals 259
Section IV Central Venous Pressure 268
Section V Cardiovascular Medications for the Neonatal Foal 273
Chapter 12 Congenital Heart Defects 284
Chapter 13 Cardiovascular Disorders of the Neonatal Foal 315
Section I Arrhythmias 315
Section II Pathophysiology of Shock Syndromes in the Neonatal Foal 323
Section III Catheter- Associated Thrombophlebitis 337
Neonatal Digestive System 343
Chapter 14 Embryology and Anatomy of the Digestive Tract 343
Chapter 15 Examination of the Digestive Tract 351
Section I Physical Examination of the Digestive System 351
Section II Abdominocentesis and Cytologic Evaluation of Peritoneal Fluid 354
Section III Ultrasonographic Examination of the Neonatal Foal Abdomen 357
Section IV Endoscopy of the Digestive Tract 369
Section V Radiography of the Alimentary Tract 374
Section VI Oral Lactose Tolerance Test and Oral Glucose Absorption Test 387
Section VII Liver Biopsy 389
Section VIII Diagnostic Tests and Fecal Analysis in the Neonatal Foal with Diarrhea 391
Section IX Nutritional Support 396
Section X Prokinetic Therapy in Foals 402
Section XI Endotoxemia in the Neonatal Foal 407
Chapter 16 Congenital Disorders of the Equine Gastrointestinal Tract 421
Chapter 17 Gastrointestinal Disorders 436
Section I Causes of Dysphagia in the Neonatal Foal 436
Section II Gastroduodenal Ulcer Syndrome and Ileus in the Foal 442
Section III Enteritis, Colitis, and Diarrhea 451
Section IV Peritonitis 471
Section V Meconium Impaction 482
Section VI Hernias 487
Section VII Intestinal Hyperammonemia 491
Chapter 18 The Acute Abdomen in the Neonatal Foal 495
Chapter 19 Hepatobiliary Diseases 525
Neonatal Endocrine System 543
Chapter 20 Endocrine Physiology in the Neonatal Foal 543
Section I The Hypothalamic- Pituitary- Adrenal Axis and Steroid Hormones 545
Section II Energy and Growth Hormones 556
Section III Thyroid Hormones 563
Section IV Hormones Involved in Blood Pressure and Blood Volume Regulation 567
Section V Hormones Involved in Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Regulation 573
Chapter 21 Endocrine Disorders in Foals 580
Section I Disorders of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis and Neurosteroids 582
Section II Disorders of Energy and Growth Hormones 589
Section III Disorders of Thyroid Hormones 594
Section IV Disorders of Hormones Involved in Blood Pressure and Volume Regulation 599
Section V Disorders of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Homeostasis 603
Section VI Diagnosis and Treatment of Endocrine Disorders 611
Neonatal Urinary System 629
Chapter 22 Embryology and Anatomy of the Urogenital System 629
Chapter 23 Clinical Neonatal Renal Physiology 638
Chapter 24 Examination, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of the Urinary System 644
Section I Examination of the Urinary System 644
Section II Medications Acting on the Urinary System 654
Section III Renal Replacement Therapies 662
Chapter 25 Congenital Urogenital Disorders 670
Chapter 26 Renal Disorders in Neonatal Foals 676
Chapter 27 Urinary Tract Disorders 684
Neonatal Nervous System 705
Chapter 28 Embryology and Anatomy of the Neonatal Nervous System 705
Chapter 29 Physiology of the Neonatal Nervous System 712
Chapter 30 Examination, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of the Nervous System 724
Section I Neurologic Examination of the Neonatal Foal 724
Section II Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection and Analysis 730
Section III Electrodiagnostics in the Neonatal Foal 734
Section IV Intracranial Pressure Monitoring 739
Section V Medications Acting on the Neonatal Nervous System 741
Chapter 31 Congenital Nervous System Disorders 759
Section I Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy 759
Section II Lavender Foal Syndrome 763
Section III Cerebellar Abiotrophy 765
Section IV Deafness in Foals 768
Section V Occipitoatlantoaxial Malformation (oaam) in Foals 770
Section VI Miscellaneous Congenital Disorders of the Nervous System 773
Chapter 32 Nervous System Disorders 784
Section I Infectious and Inflammatory – Bacterial Meningoencephalomyelitis 784
Section II Infectious and Inflammatory – Sarcocystis and Neospora in the Mare and Foal 787
Section III Infectious and Inflammatory – Tetanus in the Neonatal Foal 795
Section IV Toxicities – Neurotoxicities 806
Section V Pathophysiology and Treatment of Central Nervous System Trauma in the Foal 831
Section VI Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury in the Foal 858
Section VII Metabolic Causes of Neurologic Dysfunction 886
Section VIII Idiopathic – Neonatal Encephalopathy 895
Section IX Idiopathic – Neonatal Epileptic Seizures 915
Section X Idiopathic – Narcolepsy in Foals 919
Section XI Autoimmune – Kernicterus 921
Section XII Nervous System Neoplasia 925
Section XIII Peripheral Nerve Disorders – Nerve Injury Secondary to Dystocia 927
Section XIV Peripheral Nerve Disorders – Botulism 931
Neonatal Musculoskeletal System 940
Chapter 33 Embryology and Anatomy of the Neonatal Musculoskeletal System 940
Chapter 34 Clinical Neonatal Musculoskeletal Physiology 950
Chapter 35 Examination, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of the Neonatal Musculoskeletal System 953
Section I Diagnostic Tests 953
Section II Medications for Intra- Articular and Musculoskeletal Use in the Neonatal Foal 961
Chapter 36 Congenital and Acquired Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Neonatal Foal 976
Chapter 37 Musculoskeletal Disorders 992
Section I Infectious Neonatal Musculoskeletal Disorders 992
Section II Noninfectious Neonatal Musculoskeletal Disorders 1007
Neonatal Integumentary System 1024
Chapter 38 Embryology and Anatomy of the Integument 1024
Chapter 39 Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Monitoring of Skin Diseases in the Foal 1026
Chapter 40 Congenital and Inherited Skin Disorders 1031
Chapter 41 Skin Disorders in the Neonatal Foal 1043
Neonatal Hematology and Clinical Chemistry 1049
Chapter 42 Development of Hemopoiesis in the Foal 1049
Chapter 43 Evaluation of the Hematopoietic System – Flow Cytometry 1055
Chapter 44 Clinical Chemistry in the Foal 1060
Chapter 45 Hematologic Disorders 1073
Neonatal Immunology & Infection 1089
Chapter 46 Innate Immunity in the Foal 1089
Chapter 47 Humoral Immunity & Transfer of Maternal Immunity 1099
Chapter 48 Cellular Immunity in the Neonatal Foal 1109
Chapter 49 Congenital Disorders of Immunity 1113
Chapter 50 Neonatal Infection 1126
Section I Bacterial Sepsis 1126
Section II Viral Infections 1156
Neonatal Ophthalmology 1178
Chapter 51 Embryology and Anatomy of the Equine Eye 1178
Chapter 52 Ocular Physiology and Vision in the Equine Neonate 1185
Chapter 53 Examination, Diagnostics and Therapeutics of the Neonatal Equine Eye 1197
Chapter 54 Congenital Ocular Abnormalities in the Foal 1214
Chapter 55 Inherited Ocular Disorders 1222
Chapter 56 Acquired Ocular Diseases in Neonatal Foals 1234
General Treatment Principles for the Equine Neonate 1245
Chapter 57 Neonatal Care at the Farm 1245
Chapter 58 Feeding the Neonatal Foal 1259
Chapter 59 Critical Care Techniques in the Neonatal Foal 1268
Section I Foal Restraint and Handling 1268
Section II Sedation of the Neonatal Foal 1272
Section III Nasotracheal and Orotracheal Intubation 1273
Section IV Placement of Nasal Insufflation Tube 1275
Section V Nasogastric Tube Placement 1277
Section VI Intravenous Catheter Selection, Placement, Maintenance, and Monitoring 1280
Section VII Intraosseous Infusion Technique 1287
Section VIII Treatment of Hypothermia 1290
Section IX Direct and Indirect Blood Pressure Measurement 1294
Section X Urinary Catheter Placement 1296
Section XI Arterial and Venous Blood Gas Collection 1300
Section XII Capnography 1302
Section XIII Neonatal Transfusion Therapy 1305
Section XIV Umbilical Care 1312
Section xv Point- of- Care Monitors in Neonatal Medicine 1314
Chapter 60 Special Considerations in Pharmacology of the Neonatal Foal 1320
Chapter 61 Antimicrobial Therapy in the Neonatal Foal 1328
Chapter 62 Fluid Therapy in the Neonatal Foal 1344
Chapter 63 Nonsteroidal Anti- inflammatory Drugs and Analgesics in the Neonatal Foal 1358
Chapter 64 Anesthesia of the Neonatal Foal 1366
Chapter 65 Necropsy Examination and Sample Submission of the Fetus, Fetal Membranes, and Foal 1395
Chapter 66 Special Considerations for the Neonatal Donkey and Mule Foal 1399
Part III The Periparturient Mare 1419
Chapter 67 Colic in the Periparturient Mare 1421
Chapter 68 Cesarean Section 1436
Chapter 69 The High- Risk Pregnancy 1439
Chapter 70 Poor Maternal Behavior, Induction of Lactation, and Foal Grafting 1448
Chapter 71 Maternal Complications Associated with Parturition 1453
Chapter 72 Anesthesia of the Late- Term Mare 1467
Formulary for Equine Neonatal Medications 1478
Index 1505

David M. Wong
is a Professor of Equine Medicine and Emergency & Critical Care and serves as the Chairperson of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA.
Pamela A. Wilkins
is a Professor of Equine Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care in the Section of Equine Medicine and Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign in Urbana, Illinois, USA.

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