Clinical handbook of feline behavior medicine
Clinical handbook of feline behavior medicine
1st ed., 306 pages, 100 ill., John Wiley & Sons, February 2023
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Clinical Handbook of Feline Behavior Medicine
Comprehensive resource offering practical and accessible guidance on managing behavior problems in cats
Clinical Handbook of Feline Behavior Medicine provides a complete, easy-to-use reference to practical information on identifying, diagnosing, and treating behavior problems in cats. Designed to offer streamlined access to concrete guidance for managing feline behavior, the book offers diagnostic plans organized by clinical sign. Normal behavior is thoroughly described, to provide a better understanding of the abnormal, with the heart of the book devoted to advice for identifying, diagnosing, and treating specific behavior problems.
The book describes the diagnostic process and covers treatment options for each problem. A companion website offers client education handouts to enhance compliance and video clips depicting presenting complaints.
Sample topics covered in Clinical Handbook of Feline Behavior Medicine include:
  • Normal feline social behavior, covering body language and other social communication, feline social structure, interactions with humans and other species, and social/behavioral development in the kitten
  • Preventing behavior problems, covering feeding, litter box availability and care, scratching options, toys, and grooming
  • Elimination problems, including the differentiation between urine marking and toileting, deducing the underlying causes, and elements of effects treatment plans
  • Senior cats, covering feline cognitive decline, increased vocalization, sleep-wake cycle disturbances, disorientation, litterbox problems, and repetitive behaviors
With its specific topical focus of behavior in felines, Clinical Handbook of Feline Behavior Medicine is a targeted and highly useful resource for any veterinarian seeing feline patients, assisting through all stages of treatment with easily accessible and understandable information.

About the Companion Website
  1. Introduction to Feline Veterinary Behavior
  2. Normal Feline Social Behavior
  3. Preventing Behavior PRoblems in Domestic Cats
  4. Play Behavior in Cats
  5. Feeding Behavior in Cats
  6. Eliminative Behaviors
  7. Pain and Sickness Behaviors
  8. Fear, Anxiety, Stress Behaviors in Cats
  9. Compulsive and Displacements Behaviors
  10. Aggression Toward Humans
  11. Aggression Toward Other Cats
  12. Nuisance/Destructive/Unruly Behaviors
  13. The Senior Cat
  14. Cat Relationships in the Home
  15. Cats in the Clinic
Appendix 1 Feline Psychopharmacology
Appendix 2 Medicamentions for Pain Management in Cats

Elizabeth Stelow
Chief of the Behavior Service at the University of California
Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, CA, USA

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