Allergies and hypersensitivity disease in animals
Allergies and hypersensitivity disease in animals
1st ed., 312 pages, 20 ill., Elsevier, January 2023
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Learn to treat allergic diseases in animals using the latest protocols, procedures, and studies! Allergies and Hypersensitivity Disease in Animals provides an all-in-one review of allergic diseases in dogs, cats, horses, and livestock species. Addressing this growing problem, the book covers key topics such as signs of allergies and hypersensitivity disease, the route by which antigens enter the body, the major mediators of allergies, allergic reactions including anaphylaxis and atopic and contact dermatitis, and diagnosis and treatment. Written by noted veterinary author Ian R. Tizard, this evidence-based reference includes an enhanced eBook with print purchase, with access to a fully searchable version of the text available on a variety of devices. It’s a must-have for every veterinary practice!
  • Advanced immunology reference highlights the essential topics relating to veterinary allergies and hypersensitivity.
  • Comprehensive coverage provides a single-source review of allergic diseases in dogs, cats, horses and livestock species.
  • Clear guidelines are provided for treatment protocols and diagnostic procedures, all based on the latest pathogenesis studies.
  • Expert author Ian R. Tizard is a well-established veterinary writer who is world-renowned on the topic of vaccinations, immunology, and allergies in veterinary medicine.
  • Consistent organization for each chapter – Introduction, Pathogenesis, Allergens, Clinical Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment – supports evidence-based veterinary care.
  • Basic science chapters are useful for exam review and as clinical companion resources.
  • Enhanced eBook provides access to a fully searchable version of the entire text, making it available on a variety of devices, and is included with each new print purchase.

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Table of Contents
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Section 1. Basic Science
1.  The immune system and the defense of the body
    Innate immunity
    Adaptive immunity
    Suggested reading
2.  Type 2 immune responses
    Dendritic cells
    Helper T cells
    Regulatory T cells
    Innate lymphoid cells
    Type 2 responses
    B cell responses
    Immunoglobulin E
    Suggested reading
3.  Mast cells
    Life history
    Secretory granules
    Non-IgE-mediated degranulation
    Late-phase responses
    Suggested reading
4.  Eosinophils and basophils
    Suggested reading
5.  The mediators of inflammation and allergy
    Inflammatory mediators
    Suggested reading
6.  The itch-scratch cycle
    Itch sensation
    Itch mediators
    Non-histaminergic itch
    Cells involved
    Suggested reading
7.  The hygiene hypothesis
    The hygiene hypothesis
    The intestinal microbiota
    Microbial immunosuppression
    Skin microbiota
    Respiratory microbiota
    Helminth parasites
    Suggested reading
Section 2. Allergic Diseases
8.  Anaphylaxis
    IgE-dependent anaphylaxis
    Non-IgE-mediated anaphylaxis
    Domestic mammal anaphylaxis
    Suggested readings
9.  Atopic dermatitis
    Predisposing conditions
    Allergic inflammation
    Clinical disease
    Feline atopic skin syndrome
    Suggested readings
10.  Malassezia and staphylococci
    Suggested readings
11.  Allergies in the gastrointestinal tract
    The fate of foods
    Food allergic animals
    Milk allergy in cattle
    Parasite “self-cure”
    Suggested readings
12.  Allergies to arthropods
    Chitin responses
    Inhalant allergies
    Allergies to insect venoms
    Suggested readings
13.  Allergic respiratory disease
    Asthma in humans
    Respiratory allergies in animals
    Suggested readings
14.  Drug allergies
    Allergic responses
    Immune receptor interactions
    Pseudoallergic reactions
    Some specific drugs
    Suggested readings
15.  Allergies to vaccines
    Type I hypersensitivities
    Type II hypersensitivities
    Type III hypersensitivities
    Type IV reactions
    Suggested readings
Section 3. Treatments
16.  Allergen-specific immunotherapy
    The science of immunotherapy
    Suggested readings
17.  Drug therapy
    Inhibition of mast cell products
    Epidermal barrier dysfunction
    Other treatments
    Biological therapy
    Suggested readings
Section 4. Other Hypersensitivities
18.  Type III hypersensitivity diseases
    Suggested reading
19.  Selected type IV hypersensitivities
    Cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity
    Contact dermatitis
    Canine contact dermatitis
    Suggested reading
20.  Diagnostic assays
    In vitro assays
    In vivo assays
    Suggested reading
21.  Allergies in veterinarians
    Specific environments
    Specific immunotherapy
    Suggested reading
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Ian Tizard
Ian Tizard is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists and a Distinguished Professor of Immunology at Texas A&M University (TAMU). Dr. Tizard earned his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1965. He then completed a Bachelor of Science in Pathology and a PhD in immunology. After completing his studies, Dr. Tizard became a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Guelph, where he remained as a professor until 1982 when he moved to TAMU. Since 1999, Dr. Tizard has been the Richard M. Schubot Chair in Exotic Bird Health at the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center, where he has been a leader in the research of proventricular dilatation disease and avian-bornavirus infection.

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