A practical guide to seizure disorders in dogs and cats
A practical guide to seizure disorders in dogs and cats
1st ed., 356 pages, 60 ill., Edra, June 2022
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Seizure disorders are common in small animal practice.
The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based resource to assist in the successful management of recurrent seizures in dogs and cats.
The book’s format is designed to present a logical, clinically relevant approach to a seizure patient, with detailed information on the broad range of topics involved in the diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders.
The clinical and diagnostic approach to the seizure patient is discussed in depth, with dedicated chapters on idiopathic epilepsy in dogs, the genetics of epilepsy, feline epilepsy, quality of life, advanced imaging and electroencephalography.
The book also provides a comprehensive review of epilepsy treatment, including a discussion of general treatment guidelines and pharmacological principles, as well as more focused information on antiseizure drugs used in small animal practice, adjunctive therapies for drug-resistant epilepsy, and the management of cluster seizures and status epilepticus in dogs and cats. Algorithms are included throughout the book and each chapter contains a summary of key points, providing easy access to information to support clinical decision-making and patient care.
In addition, by scanning the QR codes in the book or going to https://seizure.edrapublishing.com, the reader will be able to access videos that complement the material provided in the book.

  1. The Clinical and Diagnostic Approach to the Seizure Patient
  2. Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy
  3. Quality of Life Issues in Canine Epilepsy
  4. Genetics of Epilepsy in Dogs and Cats
  5. Feline Epilepsy
  6. Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in Epilepsy
  7. Electroencephalography
  8. Fundamental Principles of Pharmacokinetics for Antiseizure Drugs
  9. Principles of Antiseizure Drug Use
  10. Phenobarbital
  11. Potassium Bromide
  12. Levetiracetam
  13. Imepitoin
  14. Zonisamide
  15. Other Antiseizure Drugs
  16. Cannabidiol in Canine Epilepsy
  17. Dietary Management of Canine Epilepsy
  18. Neurostimulation for Canine Epilepsy
  19. Management of Status Epilepticus and Cluster Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Luisa De Risio, DVM, PhD, PGCert Vet Ed, FHEA, DECVN, FRCVS, RCVS and EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology, Linnaeus Veterinary Ltd (UK)

Karen Muñana, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology), Professor of Neurology at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

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