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Vaccines for veterinarians
Vaccines for veterinarians
1st ed., 321 pages, 10 ill., Elsevier, October 2020

Item Code: MICRO91
ISBN: 9780323682992
Weigth: 400 g
Species: All species
Discipline: Microbiology/Immunology/Infectious diseases
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  • Well-respected and experienced veterinary author, Ian Tizard, provides expert guidance on the topic of vaccinations and immunology in veterinary medicine.
  • Expert Consult site offers an online version of the book, making it easy to search the entire book electronically.
  • The latest information on viral vectored vaccines keeps you up-to-date on the topic as well as the properties and relative advantages of currently used vectors in animal vaccines.
  • Survey of vaccine responses covers the different mechanisms by which the immune system responds to different types of vaccines.
  • Inclusion of the latest vaccine technologies discusses the advantages and disadvantages of DNA-plasmid vaccines, RNA vaccines, and more.
  • Coverage of adverse events and hypersensitivities includes the best ways to treat them and report them.
  • Coverage of passive immunization discusses the growing use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in veterinary medicine.
  • Coverage of immunotherapy includes recent improvements and new products in both active and passive immunotherapy against animal cancers.
1. A Brief History of Veterinary Vaccines
2. The Science Behind Vaccine Use
3. Nonliving Vaccines
4. Living Vaccines
5. Recombinant Vectored Vaccines
6. Nucleic Acid Vaccines and Reverse Vaccinology
7. Adjuvants and Adjuvanticity
8. The Administration of Vaccines
9. Failures in Vaccination
10. Adverse Consequences of Vaccination
11. Production, Assessment and Regulation of Vaccines
12. Passive Immunization
13. Canine Vaccines
14. Feline Vaccines
15. Equine Vaccines
16. Bovine Vaccines
17. Sheep and Goat Vaccines
18. Porcine Vaccines
19. Poultry Vaccines
20. Vaccination of Exotic and Wild Species
21. Fish Vaccines
22. Vaccines Against Parasites
23. Anticancer Vaccines
Author(s) CV
Ian R. Tizard, PhD, BSc, BVMS, University Distinguished Professor of Immunology Emeritus, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
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