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Self-Assessment Color Review - Small animal medicine and metabolic disorders
Self-Assessment Color Review - Small animal medicine and metabolic disorders
2nd ed, 275 pages, 320 ill., CRC Press, January 2020

Item Code: MEDIN231
ISBN: 9781138035720
Weigth: 600 g
Species: Dog/Cat
Discipline: Internal medicine
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Nearly 20 years after Bryn Tennant's first edition, this new update covers all aspects of diseases and disorders and affecting organs of the abdominal cavity and the endocrine/metabolic system in a case-based format. Responding to advances in imaging technology, digital radiography and high-resolution ultrasonography as well as the growth in specialised diagnostic tests for many diseases, new editor Craig Ruaux brings together a wide variety of new cases.
These cases cover a wide spectrum of metabolic, endocrine, immune-mediated, inflammatory and infectious diseases and range in difficulty from simple bacterial infections to complex, multisystem disorders that would challenge most practitioners. They are presented in random order, as they would appear in everyday practice, and each author brings their own specialist expertise and experience to problem identification and management. 
Includes over 150 new, color illustrated cases
  • Covers all aspects of diseases and disorders and affecting organs of the abdominal cavity and the endocrine/metabolic system
  • Written by experts from the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe
Presenting an assortment of cases and case-related materials appropriate to the day-to-day practice of small animal medicine, this book will be an essential reference for veterinary students of internal medicine as well as specialists in training.  
Cardiology. Diagnostic Testing. Effusions. Electrolytes and Acid/Base. Endocrine. Esophageal. Gastric Diseases. Hematology. Hepatobiliary. Immune Mediated. Infectious Diseases. Intestinal/Abdominal Emergencies. Large Intestine. Lower Urinary Tract. Miscellaneous Metabolic Disorders. Neurology. Oncology. Oral Cavity. Pancreas. Rectoanal. Renal Diseases. Reproductive. Respiratory. Small Instestinal.
Author(s) CV
Dr Ruaux is a 1992 graduate of The University of Queensland, Australia. He spent five years in a variety of mixed and small animal practices in both Australia and the United Kingdom before returning to The University of Queensland to pursue a PhD investigating objective markers of severity in canine acute pancreatitis. Dr Ruaux joined the GI Laboratory in 1999 at Texas A&M University, immediately after completion of his PhD degree. While at the GI Laboratory Dr Ruaux was involved in the development, validation and subsequent clinical application of a variety of diagnostic tests, including the methylmalonic acid assay for cobalamin deficiency, serum amino acid analyses, and bile acid characterization by gas chromatography. Dr Ruaux worked in the GI Lab as a research scientist until 2005, when he left to take up a faculty position in the then newly formed small animal section of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University, where he is now an Associate Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine. Dr Ruaux is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Small Animal Medicine.
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