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7 Keys to successfully running a veterinary practice
7 Keys to successfully running a veterinary practice
1st ed., 139 pages, 110 ill., SERVET, November 2018

Item Code: PROF143
ISBN: 9788416315048
Weigth: 600 g
Species: All species
Discipline: Practice management
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This book explains the seven key aspects that, according to the author, are necessary to successfully run a veterinary practice. These include, among others, working with objectives, discovering your values and making the most of them or managing conflicts. Each of these key aspects is addressed concisely and clearly, with numerous examples so readers can identify themselves with the situation. The book is also made much more practical with the help of suggestions and advice to solve or improve different critical aspects of veterinary practice management. Finally, at the end of each chapter, readers will find a section with key points and a QR code (a link in the case of the e-book) to download the exercices that will help them to put the knowledge acquired into practice. this book includes representative illustrations, which complete the information given and make the reading more enjoyable.
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Key 1 - The power of working with objectives
Key 2 - Discover your values
Key 3 - Limiting and driving beliefs
Key 4 - Conflicts
Key 5 - Build trust
Key 6 - The Leaders's control panel
Key 7 - Adapting to circumstances
Author(s) CV
Miguel Ángel Díaz
  • ICC International Coaching Community
    Team Coach
  • ICC International Coaching Community
    Executive Coach
  • de Bono Thinking Systems
    Certified Trainer in the Six Thinkg Hats
  • Center for Executive Coaching (USA)
    Executive Coach
  • European Coaching Center
    Master Coach
  • UCM
    Veterinary, Small Animal Practice
    Attività e associazioni: equipo de fútbol y fútbol-sala
  • AO Advanced Surgeon
    Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • ESAVS European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies
    Internal Medicine Diplomate, Utrecht
    1994 – 1996
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