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Reptile medicine and surgery in clinical practice
Reptile medicine and surgery in clinical practice
1st ed, 500 pages, 500 ill., John Wiley & Sons, January 2018

Item Code: ANESO268
ISBN: 9781118977675
Weigth: 1300 g
Species: Exotic animals
Discipline: Internal medicine
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Reptile Medicine and Surgery in Clinical Practice is the ideal guide for the busy veterinarian treating reptile cases. Designed as a quick reference guide, but with comprehensive coverage of all the topics needed for first opinion practice, the book presents the principles of reptile medicine and surgery.
Richly illustrated chapters cover anatomy, physiology, behaviour, husbandry, reproduction, common diseases and disorders, and much more. Application in a clinical setting is emphasized throughout, including guidance on the physical examination, diagnostic testing and imaging, treatment options, and anaesthetic and surgical techniques.
  • Practical quick-reference guide—ideal for the busy, first-opinion veterinary practitioner
  • Richly illustrated in full colour throughout
  • Edited by a team of highly experienced exotic animal veterinarians
  • Useful reference for those studying for postgraduate certificates in exotic animal medicine 
With contributions from experts around the globe, Reptile Medicine and Surgery in Clinical Practice is a valuable reference offering a balanced international view of herpetological medicine. 
List of Contributors xi
Preface xv
1 Taxonomy and Introduction to Common Species 1
Bob Doneley
2 Anatomy and Physiology of Reptiles 15
Bairbre O’Malley
3 Behaviour in the Wild and in Captivity 33
Robert Johnson
4 Husbandry and Nutrition 45
Michelle Kischinovsky, Aidan Raftery and Shivananden Sawmy
5 Enclosure Design 61
Michael McFadden, Deborah Monks, Bob Doneley and Robert Johnson
6 Lighting 75
Frances M. Baines
7 Reproduction 91
Timothy J. Portas
8 Reptile Paediatrics 105
Deborah Monks and Bob Doneley
9 Setting Up and Equipping a Reptile Practice 115
Bob Doneley, Shane Simpson, Angela M. Lennox and John Chitty
10 The Reptile Consultation 125
Bob Doneley and Brendan Carmel
11 Diagnostic Testing 135
Rachel E. Marschang, Frank Pasmans, Tim Hyndman, Mark Mitchell and An Martel
12 Diagnostic Imaging 145
Zden¨§k Knotek, Shane Simpson and Paolo Martelli
13 Clinical Techniques and Supportive Care 159
Kimberly Vinette Herrin
14 Reptile Pharmacology 175
Tim Hyndman
15 Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases 185
Brendan Carmel and Robert Johnson
16 Infectious Diseases and Immunology 197
Tim Hyndman and Rachel E. Marschang
17 Differential Diagnoses: A Problem©\Based Approach 217
Helen McCracken, Brendan Carmel, John Chitty, Bob Doneley, Robert Johnson, Angela M. Lennox, Deborah Monks and Annabelle Olsson
18 Disorders of the Integument 255
Linda Vogelnest
19 Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System 273
Robert Johnson and Bob Doneley
20 Diseases of the Cardiovascular System 287
Tegan Stephens and Alex Rosenwax
21 Diseases of the Respiratory System 299
Melinda L. Cowan
22 Disorders of the Reproductive System 307
Timothy J. Portas
23 Diseases of the Urinary Tract 323
Peter Holz
24 Diseases of the Nervous System 331
Hamish Baron and David N. Phalen
25 Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System 345
Adolf K. Maas
26 Diseases of the Organs of Special Senses 357
Alex Rosenwax and Tegan Stephens
27 Analgesia and Anaesthesia 369
Annabelle Olsson and Mark Simpson
28 Surgery 383
Zden¨§k Knotek and Stacey Leonatti Wilkinson
29 Turtle Shell Repair 397
Jane Roffey and Sasha Miles
30 Necropsy 409
Catherine M. Shilton
31 Reptile Parasitology in Health and Disease 425
Jan Šlapeta, David Modrý, Robert Johnson
32 Nursing the Reptile Patient 441
Gary Fitzgerald and Emma Whitlock
33 Euthanasia 449
Tim Hyndman
Appendix 1: Formulary 453
Appendix 2: Reference Intervals for Commonly Kept Reptile Species 473
Index 481
Author(s) CV
Bob Doneley is an Associate Professor and Head of the Avian and Exotic Pet Service at the School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland, Australia.
Deborah Monks is the principal of the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service, Australia.
Robert Johnson is the principal of the South Penrith Veterinary Clinic, Australia.
Brendan Carmel is the principal of the Warranwood Veterinary Centre, Australia.
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