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Focused ultrasound techniques for the small animal practitioner
Focused ultrasound techniques for the small animal practitioner
1st ed., 343 pages, 800 ill., John Wiley & Sons, February 2014

Item Code: DIAIM105
ISBN: 9781118369593
Weigth: 1300 g
Species: Dog/Cat
Discipline: Diagnostic imaging
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Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner offers a highly practical guide to incorporating abbreviated ultrasound exams into the veterinary practice. Focused point-of-care exams are an effective way to quickly detect conditions and complications not readily apparent through the physical exam, laboratory diagnostics, or radiographic findings. Encompassing all the information needed to begin performing these techniques, Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner is a useful tool for improving patient outcomes in clinical practice.

Covering focused exams in all body systems, the book also outlines the principles of interventional radiology, medical documentation, and the basic fundamentals of using an ultrasound machine. A companion website offers 87 video clips of AFAST, TFAST, and Vet Blue examinations with normal, abnormal, and incidental findings. Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner is an essential purchase for veterinary practitioners and specialists wanting to implement these techniques in their veterinary practice.
Contributors ix
Acknowledgements x
Introduction xi
Gregory R. Lisciandro
About the Companion Website xiv
1 Focused—Basic Ultrasound Principles and Artifacts 1
Robert M. Fulton
2 The Abdominal FAST3 (AFAST3) Exam 17
Gregory R. Lisciandro
3 Focused or COAST3—Liver and Gallbladder 44
Stephanie Lisciandro
4 Focused or COAST3—Spleen 65
Stephanie Lisciandro
5 Focused or COAST3—Kidneys 80
Stephanie Lisciandro
6 Focused or COAST3—Urinary Bladder 99
Stephanie Lisciandro
7 Focused or COAST3—Gastrointestinal and Pancreas 110
Søren Boysen and Jennifer Gambino
8 Focused or COAST3—Reproductive 126
Robert M. Fulton
9 The Thoracic FAST3 (TFAST3) Exam 140
Gregory R. Lisciandro
10 The Vet BLUE Lung Scan 166
Gregory R. Lisciandro
11 Focused or COAST3—Echo (Heart) 189
Teresa DeFrancesco
12 Focused or COAST3—Central Venous and Arterial Line Placement, Big Arteries, and Veins 206
Scott Chamberlin
13 Focused or COAST3—Pediatrics 222
Autumn P. Davidson and Tomas W. Baker
14 Focused or COAST3—Eye 243
Jane Cho
15 Focused or COAST3—Musculoskeletal 261
Gregory R. Lisciandro
16 Focused or COAST3—Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Global FAST (GFAST3), and the FAST-ABCDE Exam 269
Gregory R. Lisciandro and Andrea Armenise
17 Interventional Ultrasound-Guided Procedures 286
Søren Boysen
Appendices 304
I Setting Up an Ultrasound Program 304
II Goal-Directed Templates for Medical Records 306
III Abbreviations, Terminology, and Glossary 315
IV Quick References of Normal Values and Rules of Thumb 318
V Ultrasound Resources and Companies 324
Index 325
Author(s) CV
Gregory R. Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, Dipl. ACVECC, is in private practice at the Emergency Pet Center, San Antonio, Texas.
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