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Radiography of the dog and cat: Guide to making and interpreting radiographs
Radiography of the dog and cat: Guide to making and interpreting radiographs
1st ed., 497 pages, 1000 ill., John Wiley & Sons, May 2013

Item Code: DIAIM102
ISBN: 9781118547472
Weigth: 1500 g
Species: Dog/Cat
Discipline: Diagnostic imaging
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Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs offers a comprehensive guide to producing high-quality radiographs and evaluating radiographic findings. Equally useful as a quick reference or for more in-depth information on specific diseases and disorders, the book is logically organized into sections describing how to make high-quality radiographs, normal radiographic anatomy, and interpretation of radiographic abnormalities. It is packed with checklists for systematic evaluation, numerous figures and line drawings, and exhaustive lists of differential diagnoses, resulting in an especially practical guide for the radiographic procedures performed in everyday practice.
Written in a streamlined, easy-to-read style, the book offers a simple and fresh approach to radiography of the dog and cat, correlating physics, physiology, and pathology. Coverage includes patient positioning, contrast radiography, normal and abnormal radiographic findings, and differential diagnoses as they pertain to musculoskeletal, thoracic, and abdominal structures. Radiography of the Dog and Cat: Guide to Making and Interpreting Radiographs is a one-stop reference for improving the quality and diagnostic yield of radiographs in your clinical practice.
About the Companion Website, ix
Acknowledgment, xi
Introduction, xiii
Chapter 1: Interpretation of Radiographs, 3
Musculoskeleton, 4
Thorax, 12
Abdomen, 27
Chapter 2: Making Quality Radiographs, 43
Production and use of diagnostic x-rays, 44
Positioning guide, 59
Interpreting radiographs, 82
Scope of diagnostic imaging, 85
Chapter 3: Contrast Radiography, 87
Indications for contrast radiography, 88
Types of contrast media, 88
Adverse effects associated with contrast media, 89
Contrast radiography procedures, 91
Chapter 4: Musculoskeleton, 123
Normal radiographic anatomy, 125
General, 125
Bone development, 128
Sesamoid bones, 130
Variable ossifi cation centers, 132
Joints, 133
Skull, 146
Diseases and disorders, 152
Bone production, 152
Bone loss, 156
Benign conditions, 157
Fractures, 161
Hypertrophic osteopathy (HO), 171
Osteomyelitis, 171
Osseous neoplasia, 174
Soft tissues, 177
Appendicular skeleton, 180
Axial skeleton, 232
Differential diagnoses, 264
General bone, 264
Joints, 267
Spine, 268
Skull, 271
Pharynx and larynx abnormalities, 273
Chapter 5: Thorax, 275
Normal radiographic anatomy, 277
Thoracic wall, 277
Diaphragm, 279
Pleura and pleural space, 279
Mediastinum, 280
Esophagus, 282
Heart and major vessels, 284
Trachea, 290
Bronchi, 290
Lungs, 291
Diseases and disorders, 294
Thoracic wall, 294
Diaphragm, 297
Pleura and pleural space, 299
Mediastinum, 304
Esophagus, 306
Heart and major vessels, 312
Trachea and bronchi, 335
Lungs, 341
Differential diagnoses, 356
Thoracic wall, 356
Diaphragm, 357
Pleura and pleural space, 358
Mediastinum, 360
Esophagus, 362
Cardiac silhouette, 364
Major vessels, 368
Trachea, 369
Lungs, 371
Chapter 6: Abdomen, 377
Normal radiographic anatomy, 379
Peritoneal and retroperitoneal spaces, 379
Liver, 380
Gall bladder/biliary system, 381
Spleen, 381
Pancreas, 383
Gastrointestinal tract, 383
Urinary tract, 388
Adrenal glands, 390
Male genital system, 391
Female genital system, 393
Diseases and disorders, 393
Peritoneal hernia, 393
Liver, 394
Gall bladder/biliary system, 396
Spleen, 397
Pancreas, 398
Gastrointestinal tract, 399
Urinary tract, 415
Adrenal glands, 427
Male genital system, 429
Female genital system, 433
Differential diagnoses, 436
Abdominal cavity, 436
Abdominal wall, 440
Gastrointestinal tract, 441
Liver, 447
Spleen, 448
Pancreas, 449
Urinary tract, 450
Male genital system 455
Female genital system 455
Glossary, 457
Bibliography, 473
Index, 475
Author(s) CV
M.C. Muhlbauer, DVM, MS, DACVR, is President and CEO of Veterinary Imaging Specialists, PC.

S.K. Kneller, DVM, MS, DACVR, is Associate Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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