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Horse senses
Horse senses
1st ed., 160 pages, 80 ill., Manson Publishing, February 2012

Item Code: EQUIN269
ISBN: 9781840760204
Weigth: 250 g
Species: Horse
Discipline: Behavioural medicine
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Horses perceive the world differently from humans because their senses developed differently through evolution to cope with different ways of living and surviving. Horses are essentially prey/flight animals. The horse's senses therefore determine how the world appears to him and how he reacts to it. As the horse's perception and understanding are very different to ours sometimes their reaction to events and their surroundings seem strange to us. In this book the author compares the horses sensory organs with those of humans to avoid misunderstandings as lack of knowledge can lead to many problems when dealing with horses. The five senses are covered in this book - hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Each section explains how the horses sense works and then this is related to care, behaviour and riding, explaining why some practices are appropriate and why some are not. The behavioural aspect of dealing with horses is emphasised throughout. This book will be useful for all horse owners, horse breeders and trainers who wish to gain a better understanding of how the horse's senses function, and for veterinary students and practitioners.


Contents Preface Introduction Part 1: General Anatomy and Physiology 1 The Nervous System 2 The Endocrine/Hormonal System Part 2: Systems of Communication and Control 3 The Sense of Smell 4 The Sense of Taste 5 The Sense of Hearing 6 The Sense of Sight 7 The Sense of Touch Part 3: Management and Work 8 The Sense of Smell 9 The Sense of Taste 10 The Sense of Hearing 11 The Sense of Sight 12 The Sense of Touch Further Reading Index

Author(s) CV

Susan McBane, Co-Founder, Equine Behaviour Forum, Co-Editor of Equine Behaviour (with Dr. Francis Burton)

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