Small animal dental, oral & maxillofacial disease. A colour handbook
Small animal dental, oral & maxillofacial disease. A colour handbook
1st ed., 272 pages, 350 ill., Manson Publishing, February 2010
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In an area of growing interest to veterinarians, the authors have produced a rapid reference to the practical clinical aspects of small animal dentistry. The text is arranged to reflect the clinician’s thinking and approach to problems: background information, clinical relevance, key points, differential diagnoses, diagnostic tests, and management. Some 400 top-quality illustrations - colour photos, imaging and diagrams - provide a critically important complement to the text. The colour handbook offers real-life insights into the progression of oral disease and will be welcomed as a working resource by veterinary practitioners and students, and as a valuable review by more advanced veterinary dentists.

1: Anatomy and Physiology.

2: Oral Examination.

3: Dental Radiology.

4: Persistent Deciduous Dentition.

5: Problems with the Teeth Themselves.

6: Gingivitis.

7: Oronasal Fistula.

8: Oral Neoplasia.

9: Problems with Muscles, Bones and Joints.

10: Sialoceles or Mucoceles (Ranulas).


Brook A. Niemiec

Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry

Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties, San Diego, USA

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